Expensive brunette, the new hair color that gives light to winter


Now there are so many colors hair that we can choose the one that suits us best. Colors for both blondes and brunettes and especially chestnuts to restore life and passion to our hair. Now comes expensive brunette, a multidimensional color scheme, full of shades.

It is exclusive because it will give shine to our hair and our skin, something we need during the coldest months of the year.

What is the hair color for the expensive brunette?

Eduardo Sánchez, director of Maison Eduardo Sánchez, discovers the keys to this multidimensional color scheme. It is brilliant to contrast with the colors this fall-winter. Arriving for “transfer luxury to hair with one Color deep multiton and low maintenance, very youthful and flattering ”.

The expert comments that it is a perfect tone for these colder months because it gives a lot of light to the face. The effect that hair affected by the sun compensates for the absence of sunburn skin.

And that’s what we all love, not just to show off spectacular, well-groomed and shiny hair, if not which benefits us to the maximum.

Deep color and reflections

Eduardo Sanchez says that we are talking about a deep and persistent color in the bass tone. Now they are processed, from medium to ends and not from the root, several sunlight reflections in lighter shades cold gold and brown are mixed.

With this we can have a general relieving effect. For the expert, the highlight is being able to create a color that is completely adapted to skin tone and eyes, as well as to the base. Because with all this, we achieve a healthy hair effect.

For chestnuts, brunettes and blondes

The Expensive Brunette is the tone that goes well with all hair tones available, regardless of your original color. Therefore, it is ideal for those whose base color is light brown or dark blonde And it greatly benefits all brunettes who want a lighter color, but without that very marked root effect.

In this way, chestnuts get a lighter color, and blondes also give your hair more depth and warmth.

The hair must be healthy

It is true that in order to wear these colors and apply such colors, the hair must be healthy. Eduardo Sánchez comments that it is important to maintain reflections and color brightness at home. For this, it is advisable to treat the hair with maximum hydration.

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