Exomusée, the street art trail of Le Locle-Yapaslefeuaulac


Are there any urban art lovers among you? Come on, let’s go to my hometown of Neuchâtel to explore Exomusée From Le Rock!

At Le Locle, a great initiative has begun to bear fruit! This Swiss watchmaking city has launched a street art route that aims to serve as an open-air museum. About twenty murals and works are scattered throughout the city. I took advantage of my last weekend in Switzerland to discover…I was not disappointed!

Where is Le Locke?
This Swiss town is located in the Neuchâtel Mountains (above My dear town From the lake! ). Le Locle and its neighbor La Chaux-de-Fonds are registered with UNESCO Its watchmaking town plan. I have a little attachment to Le Rock, because it is my administrative “city of origin”, and it is also the place where my grandmother lived!

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→ After Estavaille, It is in Le Locle where we admire the Swiss street art On the blog

Le Locle Street Art

Thanks for restoring in the magnificent plan City Hall (Where Available online Here), we wandered the streets of Le Locle, looking for the works of different artists. This is a great way to (re)discover a small town located 1000 m away. Altitude, famous for heavy snow in winter.

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