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Paz Padilla is celebrating. As she said, she always celebrates life, and of course she has no shortage of reasons to do so.After experiencing a hard life blow Lose husband There was a 6-month interval between her mother and the pandemic. There is no doubt that in this name, a woman from Cadiz is likely to be the subject of research (with the permission of Belen Esteban), Thanks to Impressive personal record outside of drama.

Step by step, as we have seen by studying every field he dares to venture into, Everything he did today is a real landmine. As she herself explained in a recent interview, it coincided with the publication of her book: “You can’t refuse negative emotions.” Perhaps this is why everything it produces now returns because of such attractive laws in recent years: Karma Of the law. And it’s like this, Paz was in high mood for a while. The fact is Your recent environment confirms us, From her drama producer to her closest people, they continue to be reluctant to talk about her publicly, despite Close record They become flattering. We are referring to her anonymous people, who also accompany her in a double trance and trough.

Paz Padilla lost her husband/Gtres on July 18, 2020

Peaceful advance Today he celebrates everything and celebrates his 52nd birthdayThere is no doubt that the designated date will review the speaker’s areas of influence, as well as business and wealth.

Open the curtains

Paz Padilla hopes to witness her feelings of being with her “dying husband” through literature and drama and its important impact on her.That need The work is born Humor in my life. We’ll discuss super sales in depth soon, but The drama of the same name was born Produced by SEDA Teatro, which was founded in 2013 and was responsible for the show freed, Also starring Paz.

A woman from Cadiz, who won on stage, her birthday is September 25 this year / Gtres

precisely Arturo del Pinar, One of the people most responsible for this talked to us Padilla’s incredible results on the table: “I can tell you that we are hanging sold out Every day, at the end The audience always stood up and applauded“. In the post-Covid era, this is a very interesting ability. Obviously, it is leaving a juicy box office revenue and a delicious taste for the public. If since its premiere on September 2 last year, Paz’s work From three days to daily activitiesAs you will Family Company, the price per location starts from 20 euros. It is clear that “the humor in Paz’s life” is becoming a kind of Blockbuster movie What does this mean for all aspects of Andalusians.

Your bestseller in non-fiction

As we said before, Paz’s plays are a re-creation of his own literary works. a book, Humor in my life, According to official data, “Non-fiction” bestseller of the year.

Guillermo Chico, Marketing Manager of HarperCollins Press, confirmed this to Look: “We are reading the twelfth edition of this book. On Monday, we will not continue, we will send flowers to celebrate 200,000 copies have been reachedA number that compares with the average allows us to understand the degree of reader response: “I think the average book sales in Spain is less than 2,000.”

Some numbers, by taking out the calculator and counting, we can roughly understand The total amount obtained is close to four million euros, Obviously not everything is good for Paz, although as an author, she will undoubtedly get a very juicy net from it.Numerous comments have been added to these data Google Trends This marks 87% of readers’ satisfaction, that More than 2,140 opinions have been published On a global platform Amazon Books Like: “Through telling her experience with love and humor, she told me that accepting dying can be done in a less painful way. Thank you Paz.”

If we add that this book came out on April 7, 2021, and put forward an interesting pre-sale request, and in just a few months, it has become the number one non-fiction sales in the whole year. In doubt, he once again became the golden contract of the publishing company. This was also confirmed by Chico, who also promised a very good personal relationship with Paz: “Working with her is an absolute pleasure”.

Ski lift No girl And his other companies

We cannot ignore the great success of the fashion company founded by Paz and his daughter. Influencer And economists Anna Ferrer Padilla. No girl It was born as a lifestyle brand on the Internet. Although it did not initially achieve the expected success in 2019, the fact is that under the successful manipulation of the Paz team, the brand successfully achieved a 180-degree transformation as a fashion brand. Everyone knows the rest.

Anna Ferrer, Paz Padilla
His daughter Anna is his great support. Next to her, she has the fashion brand “No Ni Ná”/Gtres

After winning the blue check that made it an official profile on the Internet, the protagonist himself announced a good news on her social media profile in January last year: “We notify all fans No girl Thanks to the success of this store last year, This is our expansion facility. We started work so that we can reopen this Easter. Thank you very much for being by my side.”

This is how its other department develops, Despite some criticisms from users who were crossed out, they went back No girl “Career” for no reason.The mother and daughter succeeded in explaining its handicraft and sustainable nature, thus turning the obvious weakness into its greatest strength, which produced the result: their business in Calle María Luisa, Zahara de los Atunes, owns 23 A digital world with 10,000 followers and 177 comments trend This makes it very high among Google stars.

All these successes have a well-studied economic channel.According to reports economist At the beginning of the year, in addition to her store, a woman from Cadiz There are two other companies, Tunantes de Villa SL with Polbot He uses it to manage the benefits of his professional activities. And the first one, Dinning room Los Tunantes de Villa opened in Villaviciosa de Odón (Madrid) in 2017, the second phase of Can Miquelet Rural house Vilademoors in Girona.Two other business milestones that seem to go unnoticed but also generate assets in your account

TV popularity and statistics on the Internet

In addition to all these golden candles on his achievement cake, he also added Personal awareness as your own brand image, As an advertising product and Influencer 2.0.

A study with a clear conclusion explains Santiago de Mollinedo (Santiago de Mollinedo) Personalized media: “Last year, a series of changes followed by consumers took place in her life. Increased confidence As we said, the family variable is the most concerned variable. In recent months, these types of incidents have been related to his image.” Some incidents outline its different areas.

The image of Paz Padilla has not stopped improving / Gtres

Therefore, as a TV product, experts point out: “There is no doubt that, His ability to transform, and most importantly, his humor, What allows him to enter a variety of scenes, in these scenes, the public is always close to this very interesting character”, which is more different from his influencer: “As a notorious public figure, he has his own His digital channel accompanies him, and you don’t just like it, but it generates a very relevant way of promotion and income. But her network is complementary to her. The chaos caused by the number of followers has nothing to do with the character’s greater knowledge or success.” However, in global calculations, De Mollinedo points out: “94% of consumers know Paz, This makes her one of the most famous TV presenters. In fact, she ranks fourth out of 210 presenters analyzed by personality media research.His image is the most valued among women. For women, he stands out with his empathetic role and gets the highest score. closure (6.5 and the most recent 7th presenter), Exuding vitality 7.4 (fourth place), OK (7.7, the fourth most sympathetic female host) and family. And this data is also very good among women, and even better among young people.”

really A wonderful birthday gift for the unparalleled Paz Padilla It keeps adding integers. Congratulations!

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