EXCLUSIVE: Canelo’s mentor enjoys his improvement after losing to Mayweather


TI have a name Reynoso in recent years, a lot has been heard in world boxing, Edison ReynosoEddie, twice voted Coach of the Year for different occasions and different organizations, but it all started many years ago, in the 70s and 80s, with a man who was a butcher who jumped into boxing at the Coliseum Arena in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico: Joseph Reynoso.

José Reynoso, better known as Chepo and Eddie’s father, was the man who discovered Santos Saul Alvarez Barragan, Cinnamon, who is by far the best fighter regardless of the weight category in world boxing. Chepo took the 12-year-old red-haired boy by the hand and taught him how to box, from then to this day, Reynoso and Canelo have fought together in many fights.

Chepo and Canelo they suffered together, bled, cried and laughed, raised the world championships, but they had the hardest fight under the ring, with an invisible opponent, without weight, not fast, but deadly; COVID-19 virus.

The disease took possession of Chepo, knocked him down, put him on the canvas, but did not win

“I was very sick I’ve been on oxygen for six daysI couldn’t breathe properly. The consequences were diabetes and high blood pressure, several consequences. The doctors advised me to lead a quieter life, so I didn’t go to camps for 10-12 weeks in each camp, and the truth is that with these consequences, sometimes I feel good, sometimes I feel very bad. bad. But I was treated, I didn’t come, because I was afraid to get sick, can you imagine, I get sick in concentration, and who they pay attention to, the champion who is preparing for the fight, or me, who is preparing not to die. But now I’m fine That’s why I came here a few weeks ago to fight Bivol. I’ve been more involved, very excited about everything that’s going on now.” Reynoso told Marca USA.

Reynoso was very sick, he thought the virus would defeat him, but he fought to the end, and as he says in his gym: “The worst thing that can happen to you is that you don’t care if you lose”but Chepo never thought about losing the battle for his life.

“It was very ugly, six days with oxygen, it was when a lot of people died, they said: “they have so many dead, they have already intubated like this.” I told my family if something happens to me, don’t.” pipe to me, if I don’t recover from the disease like that, I don’t want them to make a pipe for me, I saw how they put a pipe, and the next day they woke up dead. feel strong God bless because I was able to beat Covid.”

Canelo never abandoned his mentor

Canelo has always been with me, always looked after me, he called me every day to ask how I was doing. How are you? What you need?’ He was always by my side, he never left me.”

Reynoso says that Canelo doesn’t get nervous before fights and that Bivol’s height and weight would not be an issue for Alvarez.

“Canelo is very motivated, he is a guy who, since he started boxing, his entire career was a man of problems, he loves to take on challenges and overcome them. That’s why it’s growing, that’s why it’s considered the best pound for pound. It is the result of many hours, days, months and years of work. He works responsibly. What he is today is that he deserved it, he was responsible, he was a hard worker, and he succeeded because many people work and work, but they do not do something well. Canelo is doing well, so he’s where he is.”

Canelo has always fought tall opponentshe settles in well, he is very smart, he is very talented, he knows how to get into the guard of his enemies, the thing is that he will get used to it, besides, he is already a very mature boy who is no longer dispersed or nervous, on the contrary, he is very confident in his boxing and his qualities, that’s what got him ahead and what will put him ahead in this fight.”

For Reynoso, there was a time before and after Canelo lost his unbeaten record against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

“He fought a lot of difficult, difficult opponents. I don’t think you can compare, each brings its own difficulties and creates problems. Saul has improved a lot since Mayweather Jr nine years ago, he is another fighter and I tell you he is very focused. It will be the best fight on Saturday.”

Reynoso knows thatt Bivol will not be an easy opponentbut I am sure that his pupil will come out with a raised hand and give another joy to the Mexican people.

“We will celebrate by shouting Long live Mexico and let the people of Mexico celebrate another victory for Saul and another lost test.” I said US brand.


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