Exact cause and timing of Queen Elizabeth II’s death revealed


September 8 has become an iconic day on all Britons’ calendars, and it’s no exaggeration. It was on that day, before the death of Queen Elizabeth II, that the world was dyed black, and it happened in the castles of England. Balmoral (Scotland). A very severe blow ends the legacy of the monarch, 70, thanks to which she has earned the respect of citizens from all corners of the earth.

Queen Elizabeth’s last public appearance before her death

From that moment on, no one knew the real cause of his sudden death. monarch The British, also don’t know exactly when it happened, as the BBC was responsible for relaying it to Earth around 7.30pm, despite the fact that the time had passed.now has After 21 days, the unknowns surrounding the Queen’s death finally subside Thanks for the release of the official death certificate.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II waves from her balcony

In the documents in question, registered in the town of Aberdeenshire on September 16, 3 days before the state funeral, all about Carlos III’s mother dies, possibly due to his ‘advanced age’, specifically 96 years. A very common fact in this type of certificate when the deceased was over 80 years old and had some other medical condition in recent years, yes, always if the doctor gave it approval. second, It is also now known that the exact time of his last breath was that September 8th at 3:10pm (local time).suggesting they waited more than three hours to deliver the sad news, with a message that will be remembered: “The Queen passed away peacefully this afternoon at Balmoral”.

Queen Elizabeth's Funeral Procession
Queen Elizabeth’s coffin in funeral procession to Westminster Abbey

In this official document, it is also reflected Who is responsible for reporting the death of Queen Elizabeth II to the authorities.It’s nothing more than princess anneThe only daughter of the monarch and one of the basic pillars of her life, which is why she always wanted to accompany her mother, passing Westminster Abbey in the eyes of thousands, until at last her body was laid to rest in Windsor Castle, where he lived for the rest of his life. One of my favorite places. So much so that she herself built it as her final official residence, and she already lies next to the body of her parents, King George VI. motherand her husband and life partner, Prince Philip of Edinburgh.


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