Ex-president of Ukraine confirmed that the “ghost of Kyiv” is real


TOappears to be the so-calledGhost of Kyiv‘really real! Currently, there are various official sources that have confirmed its existence, and some have even shared a photo of it. Former President Petro Poroshenko decided to post on Thursday, February 24, a photo of the heroic pilot who shot down 6 planes of the Government of the Russian Federation. This confirms that the “Ghost of Kyiv” is not only real, but also actively in the air. On one of the worst nights for Ukraine’s capital, this pilot roams the skies looking for new victims to add to his kill list. When the story of this ghost began to spread like wildfire, many did not believe it was true.

At a time when we are all praying for heroes, this ghost is a clear reminder that there is still hope in a world filled with war. Poroshenko uploaded an image of a pilot flying a MiG-29 fighter with all the equipment. There is no way to confirm his face or true identity, but this confirmation from the President turns the wild urban legend into reality. This is exactly what the people of Ukraine need now. And that’s not all, this “Ghost of Kyiv” is already flashing in the headlines of the “Battle for Kyiv”, which is going on right now in the capital of Ukraine. Eventually, other mainstream media confirmed the existence of this ace pilot.

The ghost of Kyiv adds new murders to its list.

During the night, reports began to come in that the aircraft shot down four more helicopters and a Russian Il-76 carrying troops near Vasylkiv in southern Kyiv. It seems that this ghost is already in the air and protects the people of Kiev. But he needs to be careful not to stay there for long, because the Russians can quickly catch him. Even if former President Poroshenko just posted a photo of a typical pilot, this continues to give hope to all citizens of Ukraine who fighting for their country right now. Here is what he tweeted: “In the image we have a MiG-29 pilot known as the Ghost of Kyiv. He terrorizes his enemies and makes the Ukrainian people proud. He has six victories over Russian pilots! With such powerful defenders, Ukraine will definitely win!”


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