Everything you need to do to disconnect from social networks


Vacation days come being with loved ones, friends and family. So we teach what you need to do to disconnect from social networks to connect with you and others.

Experts say it can help us increase productivity and free up time to focus on our priorities, reduce procrastination and manage intoxication and overdose of stimuli to which we submit in the networks.

How to disconnect from social networks

It can help us reduce addiction and tendencies such as comparanoia that lead us to underestimate reality and idealize what is seen on screen. Disconnecting from networks can also help us avoid issues of low self-esteem, anxiety and depression.

Just as we see that there are many benefits to being a bit far from them, there is nothing better than knowing how to do it.

Digital detox

Ixi Ávila, emotional intelligence coach, recommends trying the disconnect from networks and WhatsApp for at least 4 days connect to life and to the present. “We can give ourselves permission and sometimes we need a reset to connect with the present and with our center.”

How to mark the distance?

It should be noted that the placement of applications and mobile can have a very significant effect on their use. If you want to choose when you use them, move them a bit further away so they don’t run on autopilot.

Perform a digital cleanup

Sometimes we accumulate so many apps and photos that we experience saturation. For this reason, it is appropriate to eliminate all that remains: unfollow, block, etc. The less stressful stimuli we receive per day, the better, it is important to close the door to what does not stick.

Whatsapp Business

This application gives the option to create folders to organize your messages and this can help reduce the saturation that sometimes occurs and the feeling of being overwhelmed by seeing all the mixed messages in the same tray. There is help for that.

time blocks

It is another of the tools that we can use and that can help us mark time blocks for using social networks and responding to messages. For instance, one hour in the morning and one in the afternoon/evening. The rest of the time, leave it free to devote it to more important tasks that everyone must do. You will see that it is not complicated and it will help us to organize the day.


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