Every nation has a heart


US-AZ Cultural Foundation Announcement for November 13, 2022

The Israeli heart beats in the chest of the nation of Israel and its supporters. A heart that thrives on peace, brotherhood and friendship. A heart that belongs to the Jewish nation, always there to lend a helping hand.

Together for them with Nation of Israel's Heart
Together for them with the heart of Israel

Heart of the Nation

The Israeli heart touches the hearts of millions because the Israeli heart is the history of the nation of Israel since time immemorial.

This November 6 to 12the2022, the ‘Together for Them’ delegation of 4 wounded veterans of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) were the guests of the Jewish community in Los Angeles, California. They came to share their heroic fight to defend their homeland, their injured episode and the difficult recovery process.

The IDF is a DEFENSE ARMY; it is an army of the people for the people, constituted for the defense of the homeland.

For now and unfortunately, Israel, the homeland of the Jewish people, has been in a continuous war for independence; Israel has not yet achieved the famous biblical description of “The wolf will dwell with the lamb, and the leopard will lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fattened one together; and a child will guide them.” ~Isaiah 11:6, and then there will be an end to all wars. Israel has not yet achieved real peace.

When you go to war, there is a chance that you will not come back or you will be injured. It could be someone’s husband, wife, daughter or son, a sibling, or a good friend.

When they were wounded, the four wounded Israeli veterans were ordinary IDF recruits; just ordinary soldiers or officers, each assigned to a certain post with a certain military unit. They completed their mandatory military service or were already in the reserve service and were called to serve in the light of a war.

The four soldiers knew one thing: their job is to defend their homeland.

I must emphasize that the IDF is like all other armies; he is there to protect his nation and conducts his defense in the most civil manner.

Last night, at a farewell event, we parted ways with our four Israeli heroes.

Israeli soldiers are willing to sacrifice their lives and souls to protect the people of Israel and their homeland. His stories of war battles and injuries brought us to tears. The challenges of overcoming his wound, the victory of life over death made us realize that everything in life is possible; you just have to want to get over the hitch.

As the father of Zionism once said: “If you want, it’s not a legend.” Or, where there is a will, there is a way.

I am blessed and grateful for your immediate trust in me and the respect you have shown for Eti El-Kiss and me as we embarked to help organize this delegation’s visit to Los Angeles.

Every nation has a heart 2
Azerbaijani wounded veteran Arif Hajiyev – photo Nurit Greenger

And that brings me to the next stage of showing gratitude for wounded military veterans and the state of Israel, which the US-AZ Cultural Foundation will be at the helm in December 2022.

festival of lights

On Hanukkah we will bring wounded veteran from Azerbaijan, Arif Hajiyev, to Israel to reunite with the family of his Israeli cornea donor and reconnect with his cornea transplant operating doctor, Dr. Yishay Falik, who were instrumental in Arif’s recovery from his 2020 war wounds.

Israel is known for being a light to the nations. Hanukkah it’s the Festival of Lights, and wounded Azerbaijani veteran Arif Hajiyev received an Israeli cornea that restored his sight and gave him the ability to see light again.

From left: Veteran Steven Wailand, Nurit Greenger, President of the US-AZ Cultural Foundation, Veteran Ofir Aidgar, Veteran Ron Weinreich, Israel’s Consul General to the US West Coast, Mr. Hillel Newman, hosts Eti El-Kiss-Mtrahi and Shaul Mizrahi, leader of the Yoram Yeivin delegation. – Photo Nurit Greenger

Thank you Yoram, Ofir, Steven, Ron and Roee, in no particular order, for your strength, which strengthens us, whether that strength comes from an Israeli soldier, an Azerbaijani soldier, or any soldier up to the task. to defend. your contry. Thank you for your inspiration that inspires everyone and helps increase connectivity between people and nations.

God bless you hasll; rise up and succeed.


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