Even a handsome guy has an indescribable sexual appetite


Cinema on platforms

Fresh – Disney+

Fresh tells the story of Noah (Daisy Edgar-Jones) and how meet cute Steve (Sebastian Stan) in the supermarket. This is true tired of dating apps who bets on him and gives him his number. On their first date, Noah is excited and accepts Steve’s invitation to go on a romantic getaway for the weekend. But you will find that your new lover hid certain appetites from her something peculiar.

Hit the Target – Netflix

In the late 1990s and early 2000s Abercrombie & Fitch he conquered department stores with gorgeous models, frantic beats and powerful fragrance. But while the brand was on the rise, its popularity Image “100% American” began to run out of steam due to controversy over its exclusive marketing and its system employment discrimination.

Hero of Two Worlds — Movistar+

Chinese science fiction of heroes and villains from the real world and a fantasy world created by a young streamer intertwine their destinies in this great Chinese fantasy adventure play. Based on two novels by Chinese writer Shuang Xuetao, the film is a thrilling fantasy adventure, a gripping journey of heroes and villains with stunning visuals.

Follow Guan Ning father who spent six years trying to find his daughter (whom he believes was kidnapped by human traffickers) and is constantly plagued by strange dreams. In the midst of his desperate quest, Guan Ning contacts the Aladdin Corporation, who says he can get his daughter back in return amazing task: kill the young author of a novel told live on the networksa story very similar to what Guan Ning sees in a dream, and which mysteriously affects the director of the company.

Raging Fire – Movistar+

Donnie Yen, one of the most famous actors of modern action films, stars in this crazy movie. police thriller it was the last work of prestigious Hong Kong director Benny Chan, who died prematurely during the film’s post-production. Yen, who is also in charge of spectacular action scenes raging firebrings to life Cheng Sung-Bong, Honest Officer of the Hong Kong Police Crime Squad who has to face the former subordinate of Yau Kong-Ngo (Nicholas Tse), who has now turned into a dangerous criminal.

Yakari – Movistar+

Animation is also coming out on platforms, this time from Belgium. Little Yakari Sioux Indian leaves the pages of comics and appears on the big screen for the first time in a fun family adventure that teaches children (and not so children) to respect and protect nature. Created by Job (screenwriter) and Derib (illustrator), the Sioux boy Yakari is the protagonist of one of the most famous Western series bande dessinée (French-language comics). Translated into 17 languages ​​and published since 1973 in France and since 1979 in Spain, it has already been adapted twice as a television series.

Yakari decided prove your worth by purchasing a majestic mustanghe meets the Great Eagle, his spirit animal, from whom he receives a feather that gives him the ability to speak to animals.

North Hollywood – Filmin

Directed by Illegal Civilization founder Mikey Alfred, this film will delight fans. skateboard lovers. With Vince Vaughn and actor from euphoria; Angus Cloud.

The child must choose between choose the future your father wants and follow his dream become a professional skater. 1990s 18-year-old Michael is going through a period of his life that everyone who has an education has to face: deciding what to do with his life. Stuck between the path his father (Vince Vaughn) wants for him and his dream of becoming a professional skateboarder. His friends urge him to move away from the thought of his father. But when Rachel enters his life, Michael begins to doubt his chances.


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