Eva Kaili charged with money laundering and bribery in Qatar bribery probe


The Greek Social Democrat Eva Kaili, Vice-President of the European Parliament, was arrested and charged with membership in a criminal organization, corruption and money laundering in connection with the investigation into alleged bribes from Qatar to people likely to influence the decision-making of the European Parliament, according to judicial sources.

Eva Kaili – stripped this Saturday of her powers of the post, but not of the title – is, according to the sources, one of the four unidentified people who, according to the official press release sent by the Belgian federal prosecutor’s office, went to court suspected of “belonging to a criminal organization, money laundering and corruption”. Two other people arrested on Friday have been released.

The office also confirmed the search for the address of a second MEP last Saturday evening, in relation to a plot whereby “third parties with political and/or strategic positions within the European Parliament received large sums of money or they were offered big gifts to influence the decisions of the Eurochambre”.

Kaili had been questioned since Friday in police custody. At the end of the 48 hours provided for by Swiss law, the Public Prosecutor’s Office ended up issuing a arrest against vice president and against his associate and parliamentary adviser to the European Parliament in the field of human rights Francesco Giorgi and former deputy Antonio Panzeri, as well as a Brussels intermediary whose identity has not been revealed and has not been identified only by “F”. The vice-president, according to judicial sources reported to the Belgian newspaper Litterwas charged with membership in a criminal organization, corruption and money laundering.

Kaili’s father, who was apprehended with a suitcase full of cash as he left a Brussels hotel on Saturday, has been released. Finally, Luca Visentini, General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation, was released on parole, as indicated by the sources of the investigation to The evening.

The prosecution does not mention the name of the second MEP whose address was searched “around 8 p.m. Saturday”, but sources from the investigation told The evening that it would be the socialist deputy to the EP Marc Tarabella, whose office did not comment on the affair.


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