European Parliament rejects health warnings on wine and other alcohol labels


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The plenary meeting of the European Parliament on Wednesday rejected the health warning Similar to those already mandated on tobacco packaging on wine, beer and other alcoholic beverage labels.MEPs approve a series of Amendments promoted by Partido Popular and Ciudadanos Softening recommendations on alcohol consumption in EU cancer strategy report.

“PP has stopped in Europe Tried to criminalize cava, wine and beer.
Our amendment has just been approved. We reject the abuse of alcohol, which is harmful to health, and we defend moderate drinking and our accepted Mediterranean diet,” he tweeted at the end of the vote. dolores montserratpopular spokesman for the European Parliament and former health minister.

“The fight against cancer must be accompanied by promoting a healthy lifestyle and Mediterranean diet Precisely reinforces a way of life based on the consumption of handcrafted fresh, balanced food…and Wine is the core element. Those of us from countries with winemaking traditions also know this is a Drink with cautionsaid Citizen MEP Susannah Solis.

The European Parliament report, in its original wording, was “Improve labeling of alcoholic beverages to include health warnings“, without specific mention of wine or beer. The resolution further emphasizes “There is no safe amount of alcohol to drink on cancer prevention” and insisted that “this needs to be taken into account when designing and applying prevention policies”.

In its final version, once the amendments are approved, the European Parliament promises to include “in the labelling of alcoholic beverages”Information on Moderate and Responsible Consumption”. In addition, the final text removes the paragraph referring to the aforementioned safe levels of drinking, instead defending that “harmful drinking” must be avoided.

Avoid including any alcohol harmful content in your report And can avoid aggressive tobacco-like labels on wine bottles. This means a direct attack on wine, which is part of the Mediterranean diet that the EU itself claims to be a healthy diet”, stressed the Ciudadanos delegation.

The original report also claimed Ban alcoholic beverages from sponsoring sporting events. The final version also removes this restriction, except for minors. “Advertisements for products such as beer or cider are essential support for minority sports as well as rural and no-man’s land,” the Orange said.

Amendment to Deny Health Warnings on Alcoholic Beverage Labels almost united all Spanish MEPs: PP, PSOE, Ciudadanos, Vox and United We Can voted in favor. On the other hand, the change to soften the consumption proposal created more divisions: PSOE was divided and United We Can voted against.

In any case, the European Parliament’s report is not binding: it is just another political contribution to the EU’s cancer strategy.


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