European Parliament President Roberta Mezzola travels to Kyiv during Russian siege


Roberta metolathe president of parliament EuropeanWent to this Thursday Kyiv Show the support of citizens and European institutions for the people Ukraine. The capital lives under siege and bombardment by Russian troops Vladimir Putin from the past February 24. close source metola They have confirmed the visit of the Maltese people’s leader to this newspaper, although they did not want to provide further details “for security reasons”.

This is the highest-level view represented by the agency European Union from the Russian invasion. And it symbolizes the majority support of the European Parliament for Ukraine to join the European club.

On March 7, an overwhelming majority of MEPs supported an initiative by the Council and the European Commission to grant Kyiv candidacy for EU membership. “The Council’s response has been very disappointing,” a senior European Parliament official assured this newspaper. “It’s like saying we love you, but not much.”

The decision means signal political support to Ukraine.the brutality of the regime Vladimir Putin It is this that has led to an accelerated agreement, which would normally take several months.

Russian-Ukrainian War


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