European leaders agree to coordinate new omicron travel restrictions


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The deteriorating epidemiological situation across the European Union and the region The threat of new variants of omicron They have mastered Debate on the Covid-19 crisis At the summit of European leaders to be held in Brussels this Thursday. Ómicron will become Dominant strains across Europe in January 2022, This will first lead to an increase in the number of cases, and in a few weeks later an increase in the number of hospitalizations and deaths, according to Information transmitted By the chairman of the committee, Ursula von Delane.

The impact of omicron in each member state will depend on several factors, including vaccination rates. “Expand vaccination to the whole world, Deploy booster dose This is a vital and urgent matter”, they prayed Conclusion of the European Council67% of the European population has been vaccinated, but 9 countries have vaccination rates below 60%: Hungary, Estonia, Slovenia, Poland, Croatia, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria.

In the European rankings, Spain (74.2%) ranks sixth, behind Denmark (82%), Portugal (81.9%), Malta (81.8%), Ireland (76.7%) and Belgium (75.7%). But despite this, my country is one of the most backward countries in strengthening dose management (Only 11.4% of the population), according to data from Brussels. Several heads of government discussed the possibility of introducing mandatory vaccination to improve these figures, but the debate did not begin because the EU has no power: it is purely a national decision.

However, what has sparked the debate among European leaders is the new unilateral travel restrictions announced by some countries. Even affect Europeans who have been vaccinated with a complete program. The goal of all anger has always been Mario Draghi, It just announced that it will require all EU citizens traveling to Italy to take a negative PCR test, regardless of their vaccination status. It did so without notifying its partners or Brussels in advance, which angered the European Commission.

Other countries such as Greece, Portugal or Ireland have announced similar measures. At the beginning of the summit, France Also unilaterally stated Will block the entry of tourists from the UK, Is no longer part of the European Union. At the opposite extreme, the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, Has asked to retain freedom of movement as much as possible and use alternative tools such as Covid passports.

Despite all these conflicting measures, 27 people agreed to strengthen coordination and always pay attention to the “best available scientific evidence.” “It must be ensured that restrictions are based on objective standards and do not disrupt the operation of the internal market Or disproportionately hinder freedom of movement Between member states or going to the EU,” the survey results pointed out.

At the international level, heads of state and government promised Speed ​​up vaccine donationsEspecially in African countries, the injection rate is only 7%. The EU also thanks South Africa and Botswana for their “vigilance” and “transparency” in testing, sequencing and informing everyone of omicron variants.


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