“Europe is humiliating itself by blindly placing its defenses under moral and environmental standards” – zimo news


chronic. The contrast is amazing. Russia has invaded Ukraine and launched a military offensive in the heart of Europe, unprecedented since World War II, to ensure its neighbors never fall into the Western camp, and most importantly, to redraw the geopolitical balance of the old continent. Meanwhile, from Germany to Scandinavian countries to Brussels, a serious ethics debate is quietly stirring up politicians, financial circles and experts in the European Commission, despite the European Union’s (EU) decision to open its doors to the EU Sell ​​weapons.Ukrainian : Should defense industry investments be penalized?

Faced with multiple threats, the EU is seeking “Strategic Compass” Secure it by 2030. Guaranteeing it means owning the defense industry. However, Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly is concerned about the taxonomy being prepared by Brussels. It plans to ban “green” financing for companies that produce or sell at least 5 percent of weapons and combat equipment. ” for example[elles] Shouldn’t be bank financed, as is pornography, shocking! »she was indignant at the Aix-en-Provence Economic Conference in July 2021.

From realizing major projects such as future air combat systems, to negotiating the European Defence Fund, the building of Defence Europe is an ongoing effort. Without any hesitation, the United States entered the game with the twenty-seven teams. Backed by the top five global groups, they account for 54% of activity and 37% of exports. “Europe has the ability to step upBelieve in M.I negotiation, As long as it is not attacked by law and case law, The policy that we as Europeans want to invest in. »

moral explanation

His opponent, Artis Pabriks, from Latvia, had just suffered a stroke. A Swedish bank has refused to lend to a defense company in the Baltic states in the name of its “ESG” principles (environmental, social and good governance), but remains at the forefront of the Russian threat. “Is defense immoral? How did Martians finance the Swedish defense industry? »he was taken away in a recent interview Financial Times. Sweden is one of the most ethical countries in terms of ESG standards and it is struggling to sell Saab fighter jets and submarines.

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