Eugenia Martínez de Irujo, the protagonist of her birthday surprise

Eugenia Martínez de Irujo’s celebration weekend. The Duchess of Montoro turned 53 on Friday, November 26. A date that has not been ignored by relatives, especially his daughter, He wants to pay tribute to his mother in a surprising way through social networks and private areas This caused a sensation on Instagram.

Among dozens of virtual congratulations to Eugenia, one stood out. Cayetana Rivera (Cayetana Rivera) wants to make the celebration of her mother’s return to the sun full of emotions, and what better way to start her with a publication expressing her love on Instagram Birthday. The young woman wrote some beautiful words in the form of collages, and the recipient was very clear: “Congratulations to my favorite person. I love you, mother”A word that the daughter of the Duchess of Alba did not ignore, she did not hesitate to share her daughter’s photos through social networks, and could not avoid her emotions: “I will die with you!!!”.

Eugenia Martínez de Irujo and Cayetana Rivera / Instagram

There is no doubt that the mother-child relationship is very good.So much that her daughter Fran Rivera She decided to host a unique surprise party on her birthday and let her mother surprise her, just like Eugenia did with her daughter on her last birthday. Although it was an intimate celebration, the sister of the Duke of Ahona shared this emotion with more than 250,000 followers through her wasting happiness video: “To those who feel guilty about this surprise!!! Narcís Rebollo, most importantly, my little mouse Tana Rivera, she always provokes me. I love you very much!!! I have nothing to say! ! ! Thanks also to all my childhood friends, they have been there and never let me down! ! ! Give all my love to all my family! ! ! ! I love you! We are Sagittarius! ! ! The best #surprise #吹灿#eugeniamartinezdeirujo”, the protagonist wrote.

In the above video, I observed how Eugenia met a series of relatives who didn’t want to miss her to celebrate her birthday for the world after returning home.Surprise organized by you couple And his daughterWhen the other guests sang Happy Birthday, he did not hesitate to hug him to express his gratitude. In the second short film, Narcís Rebollo appeared to the nobleman with a delicious chocolate cake filled with lit candles. Eugenia later blew the candles to the applause of her friends.And end your postal, The Duchess appeared with a purple card, and you can write on it: “Sagittarius is the Best”, Refer to your zodiac sign.

Eugenia Martínez de Irujo brags about her constellation / Instagram

For Eugenia, on such a special occasion, she would obviously show off her good taste in style.If anyone on the Spanish stage can boast of well-dressed, it’s Duchess of Montoro, In his 53 years of age, he managed to surprise him again Look Easy-going and elegant, as we are used to. Fran Rivera’s predecessor chose a long-sleeved military green dress with colorful zigzag embroidery and a round neckline. The creation of the Michonet company, has been baptized as Zig Zagjun It is still available online for 140.25 euros.

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