EU will make entry difficult for Russian defectors recruited by Putin

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EU closes door to Russian deserters fleeing partial mobilization enacted by Russian government Vladimir Putin for the Ukrainian war.Brussels has been recommended this Friday Enhanced security controls For any Russian citizen who wants to enter EU territory on a short-term visa.the team Ursula Von der Leyen thus forming alliances with countries that demand a hard line against the Russians, such as Poland or the Baltic states.

“The EU is and will always be a sanctuary. But this is now a security issue first and foremost.. Greater scrutiny of visa issuance and tighter border controls will ensure we protect ourselves and preserve our unity,” said the committee’s vice-chairman Margaret of China.

The treatment of Russian defectors initially divided EU countries. Faced with the firm stance of Poland and the Baltic states, other countries such as Germany are betting on more open policies for humanitarian reasons, while also undermining the Kremlin’s war effort. And the President of the European Council, charles michael, Has defended opening EU doors to fleeing Russians.

at last, Brussels prioritizes security. In fact, the Swedish Interior Commissioner Ilva Johnsonto focus all on the “serious security threats” to the EU: the war in Ukraine, the partial mobilization ordered by the Kremlin, the illegal annexation of four Ukrainian regions by Moscow or the disruption of the northern gas pipeline Stream 1 and 2.

The EU has already suspended a visa facilitation deal with Russia, but now another twist will take place.Any visa application for Russian citizens will be granted Deeper security assessment.

return, Russian defectors who intend to stay in EU for more than 90 days will not be granted visas: They will have to choose other routes, such as long-term visas or residence permits, which are within the capabilities of the state. Or apply for asylum, in which case each document will be studied individually.

“It’s important not to confuse the right to a tourist visa with the right to asylum, which is not a fundamental right but a privilege, which is a fundamental right,” Johansen said.

The Commissioner recalled that holding a visa was not sufficient to enter the Schengen area. Border member states can also refuse entry on security grounds.Finally, Brussels recommends that member states Reassess or even revoke long-stay visas already granted to Russian citizenstaking into account the new security situation.

“The security threat is real. The EU will protect itself and our citizens. We want to ensure a consistent and uniform approach to Russian citizens at the EU’s external borders and high standards for short-stay visa issuance for Russian citizens. With this At the same time, Europe will not close its doors to those who really need protection,” Johnson insisted.

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