EU warns China that any support for Putin will put its economic ties at risk


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This Friday’s EU-China video summit – the first since June 2020 – will feature dialogue”very open and frank“, which in diplomatic language is equivalent to saying It was a very tense and contentious meeting.

Although theoretically no specific retaliation is mentioned, Ursula Von der Leyen and charles michael They have informed the Chinese President, Xi Jinpingany economic or military support for the Kremlin in the war on Ukraine would be at risk Important economic relations between the EU and China.

In fact, community leaders have asserted that 15 percent of China’s exports go to Europe, while Russia accounts for only 1.5 percent. “We hope that China will take into account The importance of its economic relationship with the EU”, highlighted the head of the European Council.

“Every day, China and the EU exchange goods and services worth nearly 2 billion euros. By comparison, Sino-Russian trade volume is only about 330 million euros per day. Therefore, it is not in anyone’s interest, and certainly not in China’s, to prolong the war and its devastation to the world economy. “

This another argument EU leaders tried to convince Chinese president reputation. Beijing’s explicit support for Putin’s war would dent China’s image in the international arena, and large multinationals could leave the country as they did with Russia, without anyone asking.

Xi Jinping and Ursula von der Leyen during the China-EU video summit on Friday


“The business sector is watching events closely and assessing how countries are positioning themselves. It’s a matter of trust, reliability and of course long-term investment decisions‘, von der Leyen insisted.

Von der Leyen and Michel called on Xi to use his influence over the Kremlin to end the war in Ukraine as soon as possible. This is the EU’s top position.But the truth is that community leaders They are satisfied that China does not provide any form of economic or military support Vladimir Putin, or help him bypass Western sanctions.

How does the Chinese President respond to this?Community leaders have little reluctance to reveal details, but As can be seen from their statement, Beijing has not given them any kind of assurance“Having a candid and sincere dialogue means that each partner is open and honest with each other, it does not mean that we spontaneously agree on every argument right away”, the European Council President admits.

“We are not naive or blind to the issue Differences between China and the EUwhich are two different political and economic systems,” he continued.

“The Chinese authorities have repeatedly expressed their willingness to commit to peace, security and stability,” Michel concluded. In fact, this is the only commitment European leaders have managed to get from President Xi Jinping and his prime minister, Li Keqiangwho also participated in the video summit.

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