EU to study energy embargo and set up war court for Putin after Butcha massacre


Image Civilians executed by Russian troopstheir hands and feet were tied and they were abandoned in the middle of the streets of the Ukrainian city of Butcha, causing Big uproar in European capitalsThe brutal massacre has reignited debate in the EU over an immediate blanket energy embargo on Russia, a measure that still clashes with boycotts from countries such as Germany.In any case, member states are already preparing A package of new sanctions Against the Kremlin, this will be approved “In the coming days”.

In addition, European leaders have pledged Documenting all the crimes committed by the Vladimir Putin regime In Ukraine, in order to one day take the Russian leader International Criminal Court in The Hague or before the establishment of military courts former occupation Judging the invasion of Ukraine. An issue that generates more consensus in the EU than new emergency sanctions.

this is genocide. to wipe out the entire country and its people,” Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said in an interview to American Network CBS.

For its part, Human Rights Watch Multiple cases verified Crimes committed by the Russian army Violation of the laws of war against civilians In occupied areas of the Chernihiv, Kharkov and Kyiv regions (including the city of Bukha), there have been multiple rapes, summary executions, and illegal violence and threats. “The perpetrators of these abuses are responsible for war crimes” Human Rights Watch said.

“The Bucha massacre was deliberate. The Russians’ goal is to wipe out as many Ukrainians as possible. We have to stop them and drive them out,” Ukraine’s foreign minister, Dmitro Cooleba.

Kuleba asks for G-7 countries New round of ‘devastating’ sanctions against Russiawith three core pillars: an embargo on oil, gas and coal; the closure of all ports to Russian ships; and the disconnection of all Russian banks from the SWIFT financial messaging network (Entities used to pay for gas have been spared so far).

Ukraine’s foreign minister also called on Western allies to go one step further in sending combat weapons and supplies Tanks, Fighters and Heavy Air Defenses.

This Sunday, the streets of Buha.

More EU sanctions and support are on the way”, announced the President of the European Council, charles michael, without providing further details. “I am appalled by the disturbing atrocities committed by Russian troops in the liberated areas of Kyiv. The EU is helping Ukraine and NGOs gather the necessary evidence for their persecution in international courts,” he said.

The chairman of the committee also expressed the same condemnation, Ursula Von der Leyenand that of the European Parliament, Roberta Mezzola. “Alarmed by reports of unspeakable terror in areas where Russia is withdrawing troops. An independent investigation is urgently needed. Perpetrators of war crimes will be held accountable”, insisted von der Leyen, who made no mention of the new sanctions.

“This is the cold reality of Putin’s war crimes. The world has to be aware of what’s going on. Tougher sanctions should be imposedThe perpetrators and their commanders must be brought to justice,” said Mezzola, the only EU leader to have visited Kyiv since the war began (she did last Friday).

All EU leaders who have spoken out about the Butcha massacre have reiterated the same call for an investigation into the Kremlin’s war crimes and holding those responsible to account. “I ask international organizations to be able to enter these fields Independent documentation of atrocities“, German Chancellor said, Olaf Schultz.

“The Russian authorities will have to be held responsible for these crimes,” he said. French President, Emmanuel Macron“The Russian authorities must immediately cease hostilities, stop violence against civilians and take responsibility for what happened,” the Italian prime minister said. Mario Draghi. “War crimes must be promptly investigated and perpetrators punished”, the foreign minister agreed, Jose Manuel Albarez.

Contrary to this seamless consensus on Putin’s war crimes, the EU remains Strong disagreement over possible new sanctions on Moscow, must be unanimously approved. Most controversial is the energy embargo, as Europeans import about 40 percent of their natural gas from Russia, as well as 27 percent of their oil and 46 percent of their coal. A quantity that is difficult to replace in the short term, Against the backdrop of soaring prices.

specific, EU spends around 700 million euros a day on Russian gas, oil and coalaccording to the head of community diplomacy, Joseph BorrellThe money was used directly to finance the Kremlin’s war machine against Ukraine, as specifically condemned by Poland and the Baltics.

Those countries again called for a blanket energy embargo on Moscow on Sunday at all costs. In fact, Lithuania becomes first EU country to completely shut off Russian gas taps“From now on, Lithuania will not consume even one cubic centimeter of toxic Russian gas,” he announced Sunday. on twitter His prime minister, Ingrida Simeone.

“The genocide and war crimes committed by the Russian army against innocent civilians in Bukha must be responded to with new sanctions and more military assistance to Ukraine. Latvia will continue to uphold EU’s sweeping energy sanctions against Russia and the closure of ports,” its foreign minister said, Edgars Linkevich.

“Indifference is the mother of all crimes. Evidence must be collected, preserved for trial, and perpetrators must be brought to justice. We need a fifth round of tough sanctions on the EU as soon as possible“, defending Estonian Prime Minister Kaya Karas, who also called for increased military aid to Kyiv.

Prime Minister Scholz also announced a new round of EU sanctions on Russia, which will be approved in the coming days. “Putin and his supporters must feel the consequences”, he pointed out in a brief press appearance on Sunday. But he did not explain whether the new package would include an energy embargo, which he himself has so far rejected, on the grounds that it would plunge Germany and Europe as a whole into recession.

His defence minister, a Social Democrat, may be the first sign of a change in position. Christine Lambert, said on Sunday that the EU must discuss a ban on imports of Russian gas. “There has to be a response. A crime like this cannot go unanswered,” argued Lambrecht.

Before the image of the Buddha was known, finance ministers, liberals Christian LindnerHe reiterated in an interview picture He refused to impose a comprehensive energy embargo on Russia. “The sanctions that have been approved are unprecedented. But They must fight the Putin regime, not endanger the stability of Germany“, which makes sense.

A few hours later, Lindner himself admitted the situation was “unbearable.” “From tomorrow, together with our partners, we will discuss How to further tighten sanctions on Putin“He wrote on Twitter. Other countries like Austria, Italy or Hungary, also reluctant to veto Russia’s oil and gas, will they roll over after the Buddha massacre?

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