EU sees ‘desperation’ in Putin’s statement, will back Ukraine despite nuclear threat


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EU thinks “despair” in the announcement Vladimir Putin It will mobilize 300,000 reservists for the war and make it clear Under no circumstances will it admit a ‘sham referendum’ Kremlin organization in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

Europeans will continue to fully support the government in Kyiv, including in the military sphere, in an attempt to retake the area invaded by Russia. Although the Russian president threatens to use nuclear weapons. In fact, the head of community diplomacy, Joseph Borrellhas announced a new round of financing for arms shipments to Ukraine, which will add to the 2.5 billion euros already unlocked.

President Putin’s speech And his statement about the referendum and partial mobilization proves once again that he is not interested in peace and wants to escalate this war of aggression. It was another sign of their despair over this aggression against Ukraine.Borrell spokesman Peter Stano said.

[Vladimir Putin moviliza a 300.000 reservistas: “Utilizaremos todos los medios y no es un bluf”]

Brussels also sees “Threat of Russian president resorting to nuclear weapons is unacceptable If Ukraine tries to recover the occupied territories. After celebrating a “sham referendum”, the Kremlin will consider certain territories as part of Russia.

“The use of any nuclear weapon will not only affect where it is made: it will affect the entire territory of Ukraine, it will affect the European and Asian spaces, and it will have unforeseen consequences for the entire world. This is a very dangerous nuclear game The international community should unite to pressure Putin to stop this irresponsible behavior,” Borrell’s spokesman said.

But if the Russian president wants the EU to stop supporting Ukraine on the nuclear threat, he won’t. “We support Ukraine’s legitimate right to self-defenceto defend the Ukrainian state and citizens, as well as the territorial integrity of the country within its internationally recognized borders,” the spokesman argued.

“Regardless of the outcome of these false and illegal referendums, these areas will remain legally part of Ukraine. Ukraine has the right to take any necessary action within the confines of international law to Restoring legitimate Ukrainian state control over these territoriesStano persisted.

“The EU is not at war with Ukraine. We support Ukraine’s legitimate and legitimate struggle to defend its territory and people. Ukrainians are fighting not only for their independence and sovereignty, but also for our principles and values. They are fighting to respect international law and the UN Charter, and we support Ukraine 100 percent in this fight,” Borrell’s spokesman said.

Twenty-seven countries have negotiated a new package of sanctions against Moscow over illegal referendums in the occupied territories, but has yet to announce what new measures might be included.

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