EU reminds laboratories to adapt vaccines to new variants


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Found in South Africa The new Nu variant of Covid-19, Worried that it may be highly contagious and Escape the vaccine, caused The EU’s general alertThe European continent has been ravaged by a new wave of particularly severe epidemics, in which Forcing all member states to adopt new restrictive measures. The new strain may make the situation completely out of control.

“We take news about new highly mutated COVID variants very seriously. We know that mutations can cause The emergence and spread of more worrying virus variants, This may spread to all parts of the world within a few months,” the chairman of the committee said. Ursula von Delane, Make an emergency appearance in front of reporters and do not accept questions.

“The important thing now is that all of us in Europe must act quickly, decisively and in unity,” he said.

Von der Lein reminds the laboratory that their contract with the EU requires them Make the vaccine “adapted immediately to the emerging new variants“, if it is confirmed that the current version is invalid. He did so publicly after personally talking with the director of the pharmaceutical company.

Brussels signed a 1.8 billion dose super contract Cooperated with Pfizer-BioNTech and another with Moderna, with a dose of 300 million doses. Both contain clauses on variants.

For the chairman of the committee, vaccines are still the main weapon to stop the coronavirus. For this reason, it calls on Member States not only to speed up the injection of those who have not yet been protected, but also to give a booster dose to the entire adult population. “If you have not been vaccinated, please get vaccinated as soon as possible.Reinforcement provides better protection“, he insisted.

Von Delane also claimed that he would continue to apply “known rules to protect himself”, such as wearing masks, social distancing and hand hygiene. “This helps slow the spread of the virus“, has been guaranteed.

For the rest, the executive director of the Community once again asked the EU government to suspend air contact with southern African countries where Nu variants were discovered. The decision he said was supported by all the scientists and vaccine manufacturers he consulted.

“Until we clearly understand the dangers posed by this new variant, all air travel to these countries should be suspended. And Passengers returning from the area must comply with strict quarantine regulations“, claimed Von der Lein.


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