EU rejects allocation quota for Ukrainian refugees


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Nearly 4 million Ukrainians have left the country 6.5 million people are reported to have been internally displaced following the outbreak of the Russian invasion The latest data United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.In a month of war, the number is four times the number of Syrian asylum seekers who arrived in the EU in 2015, leading to Unprecedented refugee crisis.

The EU’s subsequent attempt to create a system to distribute asylum seekers among all member states was directly opposed by Poland and Hungary, which refused to accept any Syrian refugees and they were sentenced for him Luxembourg court (CJEU).

During the Ukrainian war, Poland Hungary is a country on the front lines when it comes to receiving war refugees. According to the radical right-wing Law and Justice Government, 2.3 million people Crossing the Ukrainian border into Poland from conflict. In the case of Hungary, the number of Ukrainians exceeds 500,000.

Despite this avalanche, the EU has refused to set up allocation quotas for Ukrainian refugees. The main reason for giving up was the failure in 2015. The 160,000 refugees that EU countries agreed to share at the time, Only 34,689 people (22% of the total) were relocated After the biennium.

The interior ministers held a special meeting on Monday to review the Ukrainian war refugee crisis, attended by some Fernando Grande-Marasca. More than 40,000 people have fled the war in Ukraine and arrived in Spain.Predictions are that the number could soon surpass 80,000 and the government is working on it If the conflict continues, more people may arrive.

The EU has agreed to launch for the first time in its history Temporary Protection Order. Allow automatic access for Ukrainian refugees Residence permit They have access to education, appropriate accommodation and social assistance, and health care in any Member State that allows them to be self-employed or employed.

But what remains unresolved is how the burden will be shared among member states. The German government took the lead in calling for an automated delivery system. “We must help member states on the borders of Eastern Europe Distribution to people in other EU countries“, said last week German Foreign Minister, Annalena Belbok.

Why there is no refugee allocation

Why is your request not being responded to in other Member States? There are two main reasons.The main reason is Neither Poland nor Hungary – perhaps motivated by his past denials of immigration quotas in the Syrian crisis – They ask EU to help distribute Ukrainian war refugees. Warsaw and Budapest have only asked for financial aid, while Brussels has so far not lifted lockdown.

The next-generation recovery plans for both countries are blocked for months Ursula von der Leyen Commission questioning respect for the rule of law.In fact, before the outbreak of the Ukraine war, EC executives had been seriously considering freezing all European aid to Budapest and Warsaw Putting judicial independence and minimum democratic standards at risk.

The conflict has led Brussels to reconsider the situation, although so far no new aid has been announced or the next generation has been unlocked.The committee just limits itself to Facilitate the reprogramming of awarded European fundsThe Hungarian justice minister, the belligerent Hungarian justice minister, wrote: “Brussels’ moral moment has come to allow the final provision of funds that have been withheld due to ideological disputes. This will be the unity of Europe.” Judith Vargas, on his twitter account.

We are discussing reimbursement for our expenses. more importantly, No one here to help, because the EU has already paid huge sums of money to Turkey, 3 billion euros in two instalments, to take in a similar number of refugees.I hope that officials in Brussels will now consider whether they are taking decisions at the right pace on refugees from Ukraine,” the Polish prime minister said. Mateusz Morawiecki.

Community executive committee ignores and defends refugee allocation because Ukrainians, at least those with money, can move freely the entire EU. “Most of those fleeing are Ukrainian citizens with Ukrainian passports who can move freely anywhere in the EU,” said Sweden’s Home Affairs Commissioner Ilva Johnson.

“We’re not going to let people decide where in the EU they should settle. We’re not going to create mandatory quotas or anything like that”, Johnson stressed. Of course, the EU has a “solidarity platform” where member states can learn about the need for and where relocation is available. “This is the EU’s best spirit of solidarity and cooperation, and we have to build on it,” Johnson Say. Is it enough for the war in Ukraine?

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