Etam is not just underwear: the satin shirt that will sell out


We already know that clothing stores offer a bit of everything, and those who started with accessories now also have sweaters. A) Yes Etham It’s not just underwear, discover satin shirt that will sell out.

There are actually no sizes left and you can already see if it is in a physical store or order it by post so that they will notify you when it is available again.

How is the satin shirt that will sell out

It is available in different colors, in black, khaki and ocher, and its price is 29.99 euros. So you can choose between these three colors that look great with the garments that make up your wardrobe.

The blouse is soft to the eye and when touched and is made of satin, which gives maximum elegance when you put it on. The satin is the key fabric to give a sophisticated touch to your everyday clothes. Fall in love with this romantically inspired bow blouse!

Among its characteristics, name that it is one blouse with bow, long sleeves, V-neck and has puffed sleeves. It also stands out for its straight cut, and the fabric is 100% polyester.

Etam knows what we like and that is why they have launched the winning jersey that is a challenge. Because it is comfortable and that is how we wear it daily, but also very elegant, which makes it suitable for a dinner or that event where we wear our sequins.

Since you are in three very different colors, you have one for every day. The Black is the most wearable, either with jeans or dresses of colors, while ocher fits perfectly with trousers or shorts in black. Khaki is the perfect tone to discover some clothes that you had at home and that will now look good.

Etam is not just underwear: the satin shirt that will sell out

Now you have to see if it is available in physical stores by Etam, where there are many more garments, especially interiors that will surely interest you. If you do not see it, you only need to send a message so that Etam will notify you when the garment is available again. It’s something simple and convenient because that way you do not have to worry about looking for it and going to the web every week to see if they replace it.

As it is a successful blouse, it will surely be available soon and you will know it before anyone else so you can add it to your bag and buy it along with bodysuits, panties, bras and more.

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