Esther Doña, with her heart and WhatsApp open to demonstrate her truth


Esther Doña has shown her face. Since her first television appearance took place after her break with Judge Pedraz in And now Sonsolesthe widow of Marquis of Griñón has not had any qualms about revealing some minutiae that revolve around his relationship with Santiago and their subsequent separation when only a few hours had passed after their engagement announcement. A testimony that would not have sat well with some close friends of the lawyer, who took the law into their own hands to give an exclusive to a well-known magazine with the sole objective of telling publicly what would be the version of the ex from Malaga.

Esther Doña in ‘And now Sonsoles’ / Antena 3

After the widow de Carlos Falcó expressed his pain at having felt slightly deceived by his ex as a result of him sending him a WhatsApp to put an end to their romance, a mysterious person who did not want to give his identity has offered an interview in which he admits that Pedraz and Doña would have been participants in a discussion at a party on August 12 for which they would have put the final finishing touch to their story of love, far from using electronic devices. And it is that, apparently, Esther would have reneged on the magistrate’s profession by telling him that “She is the widowed Marchioness of Griñón and he is a simple civil servant.”. Something that would have dynamited the relationship completely, added to a supposed life of luxury that the one in Malaga would have carried out, beyond her possibilities.

Esther Doña with Sonsoles Ónega in 'And now Sonsoles' / Antena 3
Esther Doña with Sonsoles Ónega in ‘And now Sonsoles’ / Antena 3

In order to respond to these accusations granted by an anonymous person to readingsEsther Doña has made a long-awaited reappearance on the Antena 3 afternoon program to explain everything that happened: “I know who is behind the cover, but I won’t say it because he is not a public figure and I do not want to hype him up ”, she began by explaining, very sure of herself and with no intention of giving prominence to the person who had set off the alarms again. On the other hand, the model has also had the opportunity to confess who she contacted as soon as she realized what had happened: “I found out on social media and I couldn’t believe I called the director and told her what to do with this”, he pointed out, referring to Patricia Lennon and the guidelines that she would have offered him to face the moment in the best way.

As if that were not enough, the person involved has also hinted that it is impossible for the person who gave the interview to be present in his discussion with Pedraz: “We had an argument for reasons that I will not tell, but it was in the room”, he explained, thus clarifying that only the couple were in that environment, without there having been third parties either in that situation or in any other: “It is impossible that I was with another person on those dates, because I spent the entire summer with Santiago except for five days. that I was with a friend. If I am with the judge 24 hours a day, how am I going to maintain another relationship? He also had access to my phoneIt’s all nonsense,” he commented, quite firm in his convictions and without wanting to take a single step back in his version of events.

Esther Doña in 'And now Sonsoles' / Antena 3
Esther Doña in ‘And now Sonsoles’ / Antena 3

To make her position completely clear, Esther continued to emphasize her idea: “I don’t recognize myself in those words at all. I have never commented that it was not enough for me, ”she indicates, to later assume that“ Pedraz never told him to stop the cover of Hello!” In which they announced their future link with hype and cymbal, knowing that their relationship was already completely broken. So much so, that Doña has already exchanged her engagement ring in a jewelry store for some fantastic earrings that she has worn this afternoon to put an end to this stage, in which she has had no qualms about show Sonsoles Ónega his mobile phone to demonstrate what was the WhatsApp message he received from the judge and that it denoted the separation of their respective paths.


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