Ernest of Hanover and his eldest son face to face in court


Ernest of Hanover For some time, he has been enjoying a new stage in Madrid, in the company of his youngest son Christian and the daughter of the unforgettable Pitita Ridrujo, Claudia Stellanopoulos. Although the head of Güelfa House seems to be happy with this situation, Hanover still has several fronts, especially his eldest son Ernesto Augusto, who has nothing to do with him because the family dispute has ended in court.

Between 2004 and 2007, Prince Ernesto gave the keys to several family castles to his eldest son Ernesto Augusto, who was the heir to his dynasty. However, for some time, according to the latest documents submitted to the Ministry of Justice at the end of 2020, the father accused his son of improper behavior and wanted to take over the management again.

Ernesto de Hannover in Madrid / Gtres

According to the legal team of the still husband Carolina, Monaco, His eldest son “seriously violated the rights, legitimate rights and interests of the plaintiff.” The lawyer’s press release recalled that after appointing his son as the head of the foundation to manage the property, he could have “excluded the plaintiff from the board of the family foundation”.»-. in the same way, Hannover criticized his son for trying to sell the summer residence of the dynasty to the state for one euro, but he was unsuccessful.

In addition, it must be added that Ernesto de Hannover (Ernesto de Hannover) accused his son of not taking care of him when he was ill. So that after a conflict with the authorities and arrest for some of his workers abusing him, he directly accused him of staying in a mental hospital. According to the prince’s legal team, Ernesto was “seriously ill and isolated in Austria without the care of his eldest son”.

Ernesto Hanover and Claudia Stellanopoulos
Ernesto Hanover and Claudia Stilianopoulos in Madrid/Gtres

For its part, Ernesto Augusto denies all allegations, But according to some sources, he does not want to make any statement on this, the purpose is to “protect his father.” The trial will begin on November 25, and the Hanover District Court requires both parties to attend, so Ernesto will have to leave his peaceful life in Madrid for a few days, where he seems to have found the peace he has. I don’t like it in recent years.

Ernesto Augusto
Ernesto Augusto de Hannover at the wedding / Gtres

After staying in a famous clinic in Austria, the head of Casa Güelfa made the Spanish capital his home, at least temporarily. In view of the non-existent relationship with the eldest son, Christian and his family became his best support. In recent weeks, we have seen him vacationing in Ibiza, enjoying the good climate of the city, and working as a grandfather with his grandsons Nicholas and Sofia.

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