Erin Rosales’ extreme stance on reconciliation between Chico Rivera and Isabel Pantoya


although Chico Rivera Having been working behind the scenes for a few weeks, the DJ doesn’t hesitate to publicly express his unease whenever something family-related happens.In this last time, son Isabelle Pantoya He granted an exclusive license that mentioned a reconciliation with his mother, which, as his wife Irene Rosales revealed, was very flattering, especially for his daughters.

Kiko Rivera and Erin Rosales

First, he is a translator This is how I am The man who wants to talk at length about his relationship with his mother, after his cousin Annabelle mediates between them, will be closer than ever so that they can have a truce. Noriko himself said so, admitting that perhaps he had done something wrong in the past two years: “My mom and I had to meet somewhere other than Cantora. It’s going to be hard, I’ve said some very mean things and I’m going to have to apologize personally. The Cantora mortgage thing won’t put me to sleep. I just hope this issue doesn’t go beyond my kids,” he said.

Kiko Rivera and Irene Rosales / Gtres
Kiko Rivera and Irene Rosales in a group photo

was awarded in this interview readingIrene Rosales was caught on camera by Gtres and wanted to ask details about the reconciliation between Pachiri’s son and his widow:”I said I want what’s good for my husband and everything that’s good for him is great and obviously for my daughters they have a right to talk to their grandmother”, he begins by explaining that the fact that Rivera and Pantoja built the bridge is positive for all family members:”As long as my daughters are healthy and can keep in touch with their grandmothers, which I think they deserve, all is well.I think Kiko has opened the door for him”, she concluded, referring to her husband doing everything possible to regain some of the time he lost with his mother.

Irene Rosales in Seville / Gtres
Erin Rosales of Seville

All statements about my brother Cayetano Rivera About his mother, his collaborators live a life There is a reason:Not knowing he could translate, he did, and it wasn’t long before he said he was sorry for what he did.Little by little, over time, you’ll realize it’s something that’s not going back, they’ve been missed (…) He’s happy. In my opinion, what I should have done a long time ago is communication, but things are hot”, he reflects, valuing both the passage of time and the tension in the event.

On the other hand, Rosales also highlighted the great work Anabel did as the Pantoya family’s mediator: “Annabelle She’s one of the few people who has had contact with our daughter and Kiko’s family, so of course…” she points out, apparently thanking her husband’s cousin for not throwing in the towel in a family war that could end.


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