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After causing a sensation among Western prime ministers, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan finally gave up on expelling ambassadors from France, Germany, the United States, Canada, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and New Zealand. the purpose. Interference in Turkey’s internal affairs. On Monday, October 25, when the Turkish government was about to meet to decide on sanctions, the embassy concerned resolved the crisis and provided “The Way Out” A diplomat explained to Erdogan.

In an article published on its Twitter account, the U.S. Embassy recalled its emphasis on the Vienna Convention governing diplomatic relations, especially Article 41, which prohibits interference in the affairs of the host country. Other relevant embassies also conveyed the same message. “A warm welcome” According to Turkish official news agency Anadolu News Agency, this declaration was touted as a victory by all pro-government media. “Crying” diplomatic. “After spitting, the ambassadors had to lick their sputum”, Daily headlines Monday Yeni Akit. “I think they will be more cautious in their statement”, President Erdogan concluded after the cabinet meeting.

The problem is that ten ambassadors launched a public appeal on October 18 to support the release of patron Osman Kavala who had been imprisoned for four years. Although the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ordered his release, he was imprisoned without trial. For four years.

The angry Mr. Erdogan twice loudly and clearly announced the expulsion of the signatories last week. The President’s remarks caused the Turkish lira to fall, and when the market opened on Monday morning, the Turkish lira fell to a historical low (9.85 GBP/USD). Driven by the announcement of the downgrade, the currency resumed its color on Tuesday (9.60 GBP/USD).

Although the Turkish President reiterated the order, the ministers concerned have not yet received an official notification. The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is clearly slow in implementing the decision. According to some Turkish media reports, diplomats and advisers have made every effort to restore the president to his sanity.

Cautious warning

The consequences of dismissing the ambassador are serious. Mr. Erdogan’s nickname “World Leader” attended two major international conferences held over the weekend, the G20 summit and climate conference in Rome on Saturday, COP26, which was held this weekend and opened in Glasgow on Sunday, which would have been affected.

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