Erase Your Tired Eyeshadow: Blanca Suarez Can’t Resist


actress Blanca Suarez Its appearance usually varies, we have seen it with light hair, dark and even almost black. There are waves, messy bangs and more. On her social network, she also gives us clues about her usual Eye shadow can take away your fatigue.

Precisely because she feels great, and for that we wonder what it is and what color she usually wears so boldly for a radiant look.

What eyeshadow can get rid of your tiredness?

It’s been a while since the actress showed a clear and different makeup look on her network. I put on a pale yellow lower lid shade.Then I wore it on Instagram Pair with a very bold tee.In addition, applied eyelinerterracotta powder and very natural nude lips. Guerlain Makeup That’s a compliment to her.

Now the actress has come back to show off this eyeshadow on her Instagram, and it’s still great. Yellow, very bold, is a real find to keep our faces from showing this tiredness that we can experience on some days. This especially happens during the week when we sleep less.

Erase Your Tired Eyeshadow: Blanca Suarez Can't Resist

yellow eye shadow

Although the imprint of the shadow that Blanca Suarez wore in the net did not appear at this time, Guerlain still had some.

For example, we are Iconic four-color palettea, they all have a special texture made of intense pigments that provide long-lasting shades and unmatched depth.

we found this Deep satin, deep matte, metallic and shimmery pearls. They are endlessly highly pigmented with a special texture of intense pigment for a long lasting shade.

At Primor, it’s on sale, if it used to cost 72.40 euros, it’s now 46.95 euros, thanks to a 35% discount.

Erase Your Tired Eyeshadow: Blanca Suarez Can't Resist

Naturitas also has an Indian Yellow Eco Eyeshadow.In this case they are indicated as High pigmentation creates a professional look, similar to pure pigments. This gives the Matte Indian Yellow shade a soft, silky and intense texture with a modular consistency. In this case, the eyeshadow is only 5.2​​​2€ and you can find it on the same Naturitas website.

Erase Your Tired Eyeshadow: Blanca Suarez Can't Resist

With these eyeshadows, you can express very different expressions. Your eyes will live forever and the tired look will disappear.


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