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iFlo59 wrote:

“However, the boss of Epic Games highlighted the difficulty of supporting all configurations under Linux and the fragmentation of the still very small market. »

Just a reminder that Orbis (PS3/PS4/PS5) is under BSD… by itself, it’s not very far from Linux.
They managed to tweak it on PS4 and PS5, but it’s hard on another platform…
iOS, Nintendo and Android they succeeded, but it was difficult on another platform.
They have several quality developers, but it’s difficult.
Instead, they don’t believe in the project at all

Someone might say so.
But the PS is completely closed (which is not the case with the Steam deck) and we have a limited number of configurations.
So the argument holds, if there were 20%, 30%, 40% PDM, it would be another story, but nothing to say.
If Steam Deck sells as many as the Switch, it could change, but we have to be honest, even if it sells well, the odds are pretty much zero.


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