Entrepreneurs point to Andalusia’s ‘priceless’ stability


Málaga, (EFE).- The president of the Andalusian employers’ association, Javier González de Lara, highlighted this Friday the “priceless” stability in Andalusia, both political and institutional, a situation from which he takes advantage to develop his business and economically and break with “suspicions and stereotypes.

Faced with some regional governments that have “enormous difficulties of agreement”, Andalusia has a government with an absolute majority of the PP, led by Juanma Moreno, who has endowed the community with “a stability that we are not yet able to assess”, said the businessman during an information meeting in which the Minister of Employment, Rocío Blanco, and youhe president of ATA Autonomos, Lorenzo Amor.

According to the president of the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Andalusia (CEA), the community currently offers political and institutional stability, legal certainty and economic security, three key factors for stimulating economic activity and attracting investment.

A “new” notoriety

“It is a historic moment for Andalusia which I think will be irreplaceable, because it is very difficult for there to be governments with an absolute majority and we must certainly take advantage of this,” he said.

He acknowledged that Andalusia has often been viewed “with reservations and stereotypes” and that this trend is “breaking” because the region is transforming economically, enjoying “strength” and a “new reputation”.

“At the moment Andalusia has legal stability and security and it is a place to invest and live,” González de Lara remarked.

The Minister of Employment and Training for Self-Employment, Rocío Blanco, said that the priority objective of the Council is to contribute to the creation of jobs and the improvement of the competitiveness of companies, and that for For this reason, it has promoted measures such as the line of incentives for permanent employment, which “works very well”.

The Andalusian government has received requests for aid worth 212 million euros and the most remarkable thing, he said, is that companies can apply for this aid in just three minutes and without presenting a single paper . “We timed them,” he pointed out.

tax friendliness

The Régie, which expects all this aid to be paid on January 15, will also launch next year a “zero quota” for new Andalusian independents. This will allow the self-employed to pay nothing the first year of activity and to pay nothing the second if they do not reach the interprofessional minimum wage.

The president of the association of independent ATA, Lorenzo Amor, assured that Andalusia “has ceased to be a fiscal hell” and has begun to be “fiscally favorable”, which allows it not only to compete with other other communities, but also with Portugal, where some entrepreneurs have established their tax residence due to the lower tax burden.

He recalled that Andalusia has managed to maintain its business fabric in recent years and even grow and noted that “when you are fiscally favorable, the first thing that happens is that the underground economy is reduced “.

In Europe, the underground economy presents a rate of 13%, a percentage which in the case of Spain amounts to 24% and that in Andalusia “is about to drop below 20%.

According to him, the underground economy “is a brake” and the problem of bogus self-employed too. For this reason, he came out in favor of the Labor Inspectorate acting in companies that “compete unfair competition” by using the figure of the bogus self-employed as a disguised form of salaried work. EFE


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