Entertainment series Magellan and Elcano that offends historians


Unlimited Now you can see it in its entirety, with six chapters, on Prime Amazon. The streaming platform released it alongside TVE, who will soon also be streaming the episodes in the public domain, with the online sales giant distributing them worldwide. Cast led by Alvaro Morte D Rodrigo Santorolike Elcano and Magellan respectively, is the story of an expedition that set off from Seville to Las Indias.

British director Simon WestCon Air, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, The Expendables 2) series shines at the right height visually. And, despite some gaps in the narrative, the truth is that he obeys by delivering his message. Here’s what Juanma Gonzalez thinks in the video you can see above if you hit the play button.

However, the series generated controversy and divided opinion. And for some statements of the actors, and for certain dramatic liberties and historical inaccuracies. To know one of the versions of this “fight”, watch the video we leave above and, above all, take a look at the series!


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