Enter the Upside Down from Tokyo – we visit the Stranger Things pop-up cafe in Shibuya


Stranger Pronto is a must-have for all fans of the popular Netflix series.

Netflix hit Strange things, the series about a group of ’80s kids who fell into crazy supernatural hijinx and top-secret government exploits, was also a huge hit in Japan. And so, in July, Netflix decided to cooperate with the Japanese coffee shop chain Pronto open Stranger Things themed cafe in their Shibuya Fukuras branch. Collaboration called ‘The alien Pronto‘, was supposed to be open until September, but due to the high demand, the cafe was extended until the end of December.

For our reporter Masaanuki Sunakoma, Visiting the cafe has been on his to-do list since it opened. But due to the huge popularity of the cafe – this is the only one Strange things Collaboration cafe around the world – getting a seat was quite difficult. Fortunately, he managed to get a reservation for one recently and finally check it out.

When Masanuki arrived at the cafe, other customers who had booked for the same time had already lined up outside. The inside of the cafe was completely exposed to the street and everyone seemed to be lining up for a ride through the amusement park. What will be waiting for them inside?

▼ Finally the door opened …

▼… and Masanuki got hit transported straight to Upside Down!!

The cafe was full of displays and decorations that fans of the series will surely recognize immediately, such as the iconic promotional posters for each episode of Season 4, designed by Brazilian artist Butcher Billy.

Once Masanuki sat down, it was time to order. The menu was brimming with iconic dishes from the show, such as the beloved Eggo Eleven (800 yen) waffles. [US$5.73]) and Demogorgon Roast Beef Pasta (1,650 yen) which was supplied with pieces of beef arranged like Demogorgon’s face.

Masanuki chose something a bit safer and chose “El’s First Burger” (1650 yen) and Upside Down Cream Soda (700 yen). He also bought a Stranger Things keychain (880 yen) and an Eleven pin badge (550 yen), because you’ve only been to Upside Down once.

No attention was spared to detail as Masanuki received a buzzer with a photo of Argyle, the laid back pizza boy from season four, to let him know when his meal was ready.

While Masanuki waited for his meal, he took the opportunity to check the photo spots, and there were quite a few of them. First he was the iconic fairytale alphabet wall seen in the Byers showroom in season 1 …

… And the road to Hawkins, complete with a bike and an amazing backdrop.

Last season, there were also a lot of nods, like the sheet rope that allows Dustin and the gang to travel between worlds. Lots of other customers were taking pictures with their hands stretched out to the rope, so Masanuki did too.

Speaking of season 4, there was also a clock in the wall like the ones Vecna ​​was obsessed with. If you roll your eyes and jump into the air (and you also have a friend who is excellent at taking well-planned shots) you might look like you’re being controlled by bad season 4.

Nods to Surfer Boy Pizza and Scoops Ahoy were also present, with cafe staff dressed as Scoops Ahoy employees. Steve and Robin would be proud!

There was also a place with an art of Demogorgon’s tricks. All customers have a time limit of one hour, so Masanuki was able to look around the cafe without rushing.

Eventually Argyle’s buzzer started beeping and Masanuka’s food was ready to be picked up. Upside Down cream was, as the name suggests, upside down, with cream on the bottom and baking soda on top. It was super refreshing!

His drink was accompanied by El’s First Burger, modeled after Eleven’s first meal after escaping the Hawkins Labs. The burger was juicy, the vegetables fresh and crispy, and the buns were soft and fluffy. Masanuki understood perfectly well why El ate that burger with such enthusiasm on the show – it was delicious!

Before Masanuki knew it, an hour had passed and his time in Upside Down was almost over. For fans of the show, a visit here is an absolute must, but booking in a cafe is also an absolute must. You can reserve a seat up to seven days in advance, but Masanuki recommends booking as soon as possible.

Stranger Pronto is open until the end of December.

Information about the cafe
Pronto Shibuya Fukuras / Pronto branch
Address: Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Dogenzaka 1-2-3, Shibuya Fukuras 1F
東京 都 渋 谷 区 道 玄 坂 1-2-3 渋 谷 フ ク ラ ス 1 階
Open 9:00 am – 10:00 pm

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