Enrico Letta to leave Democratic leadership after election defeat: ‘It’s a sad day’


Democratic leader, Enrico Letta Taking a step back from electoral defeat in Italian elections, victory The Far Right and Neo-Fascism Georgia Meloni and declare will leave the party leadership at the next meeting in March.

Leta, whose party middle left keep less than 20% votes, have recognized “Italians have clearly chosen the right and there will be a right-wing government.” “It’s a sad day Italy, Europe and tough days await us,” he told a news conference on Monday.

PD leader says he has done everything possible to build One “Reliable Choice” on the right”For our values ​​and ideas about Italy and our future” but Emphasizes that his party is The second force of the state and the first force of the opposition.

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Opposition ‘tough and uncompromising’

Despite her poor results, Leta has promised they will ‘Tough and uncompromising’ opposition And after the arrival of totalitarian power, they will not allow “Italy to leave the heart of Europe and European values”.

But for Leta, the responsibility is shared.it was he who accused Chairman of the Five Star Movement, Giuseppe Conte overthrows the government of Mario Draghi “This has led to the arrival of the right,” and accused other progressive political forces of “opposing” the Democratic Party.

Enrico Letta, who took the helm of the PD just over a year ago, announced as “a gesture of love for this party” a congress in which a new leader would be elected as Italy’s alternative government .

Italian election results.

Anne White

post-fascist victory

Italy’s right-wing parties have a clear upper hand in Sunday’s legislative elections, with 43.84 percent far ahead of the left.

The far right and neo-fascism Georgia Mellonileader of the Italian Brotherhood, won a landslide victory and will be prime minister 26.03% of the vote.

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Conservative bloc, which also includes the coalition Matteo Salvini Party with Forza Italia Silvio Berlusconi, He won 41% to 45% of the vote in Sunday’s election, enough to control the lower house and the Senate.Melloni-led coalition won 227 to 257 of the 400 seats in Parliament and 114 to 126 of the 200 seats in the Senate.

The left has collapsed, and Leta’s PD has won 19.07% of the vote.



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