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Are you interested in the field of computer security? Would you like to learn how hackers protect your data and computer systems? Then this ethical hacking training is for you.

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Cyber ​​attacks and hacking are now common and more effective means of protection need to be implemented. But how do hackers find flaws in our networks and thwart security systems? Through this training, you will discover the dark side of computing. You’ll fall into the trap of hackers to better understand their methods and detect vulnerabilities in your own computer systems. You’ll learn how to correct them and protect yourself from cyberattacks.

Complete ethical training

Very complete, Hacker Ethics training is completely online and will allow you to discover the basic concepts of computer security through practical and interactive lessons. In order to discover the principles of cybersecurity, you will be guided to play as a hacker, thanks to a test lab that allows you to train on your own systems in complete safety and legality. The purpose of this training is certainly not to train professional hackers, but to discover how to protect against cyber attacks and prepare for a career in computer security. By the end of this training, you will be able to strengthen the security of your computer systems and sites or your customers.

This training can be attended by everyone, be it beginners or insiders, individuals wishing to learn more about this astonishing field or professionals (developers, webmasters) wishing to receive training in cybersecurity. Don’t hesitate, sign up now to take advantage of the interesting discount (currently -89%)!

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