England to lift Covid-19 quarantine at the end of February

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The UK government plans to lift existing rules that mandate self-isolation for people infected with Covid-19 in England at the end of February, “A month in advance”. Government Program remove all restrictions end of March next year.

The Prime Minister announced the news, Boris Johnsonadded in a news conference that the measure will be explained in more detail at the end of the next UK school holiday on February 14-20.

Currently, infected people must quarantine for a full five days, and if they test negative on or two consecutive days on the fifth and sixth days, the quarantine period can be ended, up to a maximum of ten days. In principle, the last restrictions still in effect in the country are planned to be lifted on March 24.

“I plan to come back for the school holiday presentation on the first day after the break Our strategy for coexisting with covid-19“,” the Prime Minister said today. Johnson explained that “assuming the current and encouraging trends in (infection and death) data continue”, he believed his government “could end the latest domestic restrictions, such as after testing positive.” The legal requirement to self-isolate in the event of (COVID) came a full month earlier than expected.

The Conservative leader faced deputies scrutiny for the first time today as he made small changes to the structure of his cabinet, a political ploy seen as an attempt to appease “Conservative” MPs over the “Conservative” scandal Then questioned Johnson’s future as leader. A party celebrated by executives during a pandemic.


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