England kick Bale out of World Cup

Gareth Bale Bid farewell to the World Cup in Qatar after Wales failed to beat England at the Ahmad bin Ali Stadium. The English team clearly won the British duel (3-0) thanks to goals from Rashford and Foden in the second half. Thus, those of Southgate pass at the head of group B and will face Senegal next Saturday, December 3 in the round of 16 first leg. Gale left at half-time injured.

England got stuck in the first half, but after the break it was tragedy for Bale’s Wales. Rashford opened the scoring with a superb free-kick goal and a minute later Foden scored at will to execute the Welshman. With Wales on the canvas, the United player scored again to add his second goal of the night and his third of the tournament.

This is how England played

Henderson, Foden and Walker were the main novelties of an English team that reached the decisive duel after their trip to the United States. England went through in the first half but after going through the locker room they stepped on the accelerator and Wales can’t beat those at Southgate.

This is how Wales played

Gareth Bale to a Wales who started the game with 1 point and are looking for a miracle to advance to the knockout stages. The British side showed their faces in a first half in which they left with a great chance squandered by Allen. After crossing the locker room, she was captivated by England.

World Cup in Qatar: Wales-England, live. (Getty)

MVP: Marcus Rashford

Marcus Rashford appeared at the most important time for England. With the score 0-0 and the top spot in the group uncertain, the United player netted a superb free-kick to put the game back on track. After game time he also scored his second of the night to condemn a hazy Wales.