Energy bills: who can get up to 50% off with new plans?


Yesafter the Russian invasion, gas price increased throughout the world.

According to American Gas Associationn, average gas bill before $55 per month as well as $667 per year.

However, the Russian invasion dramatically increased electricity bill prices.

in Biden administration taking steps to combat growth electricity tariffs.

As extreme heat continues to hit tens of millions of Americans, hitting low-income families harder than others, President Biden is implementing new programs to help maintain a stable and affordable supply of energy to cool their homes. White House commented.

What is the Biden administration doing to combat high energy bill prices?

in Joe Biden administration will decrease 10% solar bills in year.

According to White Housenearly 5 million people would benefit from a 10% reduction.

Who is eligible?

Eligibility varies by state.

Each state has its own median household income to qualify.

According to Sun, the single household threshold is $79,500.

The White House mentioned that a program such as Washington DC can save 50% on electricity bills for families.

If you would like to apply for a discount, please verify your local rental program.

visit HUD website find a local program.

Which states have signed up for the Community Solar Subscription Platform?



-New Jersey

-New Mexico

-New York


The figures show that families will save $1 billion on energy bills around the United States.

If your family earns less $41,625you are eligible for a discount in all states that subscribe to the program.


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