End of summer bullfighting at CAM: preview of the great fall fair in Las Ventas


Between August and September, most of the bullfighting festivities that take place in Spain throughout the season take place. This is due to the fact that the holidays of the patrons of many cities are usually timed to coincide with these dates, and the tradition of celebrating bullfights has its roots in the distant past.

After the equator on 15 August, one of the most bullfighting days of the year, the Community of Madrid and its surroundings prepare for the last fireworks display of the bullfighting course with the final touch Madrid Autumn Fair What will be celebrated in sales from 1 to 12 October. Although the posters for the autumn cycle in the arena of Calle Alcalá are not yet official, specialized portals have filtered the first plan of a large fair, in which figures such as Moorish from La Puebla, Andres Roca Rey, Alejandro Talavante or Miguel Angel Perera.

September Tourist in Las Ventas

Before the official presentation of the Autumn Fair, which is just around the corner, the season does not stop at the Monumental de Las Ventas. Square 1 presented posters for competitions at the Novillada ranch and three bullfights: two cattle competitions and a competitive bullfight. These celebrations will take place every Sunday in September and will have the character of a Torista.

Sales poster.

Until September, two bullfights are announced in Las Ventas. One with Rancho El Risco on Sunday 21 for Santana Claros, Jose Rojo who replaces Jaime Gonzalez-Ecija after his sudden departure from the ring and with Leandro Gutierrez, who appears in Madrid. Also, for the first time in Las Ventas, the participants of the list that closes August will perform in the Monumental Hall on Calle de Alcala. Rafael Reyes from Córdoba, nephew of matador Juan Mora, Alejandro Mora and Jesús García from Madrid will paseo in front of the bulls from Camposerrado. These holidays are the starter of the month dedicated to the bull in Las Ventas. On Sunday, September 4, a bullfighting competition is scheduled with cattle from Los Bayones, Alejandro Vasquez, Montealto, Toros de Brazuelas, Pablo Mayoral and Hermanos Quintas for Ruben Fernandez (presentation), Fernando Plaza and Alejandro Adame, himself young from the dynasty of bullfighters. Mexicans.

A week later, on Sunday 11, the top echelon celebrations kick off with a cattle competition between llegendary irons from Palha and Saltillo for Octavio Chacón, Pepe Moral and José Carlos Venegas. The next test will be between the bulls of José Escolar and the bulls of Hoyo de la Hitana on Sunday 18 for Fernando Robleño, Miguel Tendero and Luis Herpe who will confirm the alternative. The culmination of the month of bullfighting in Madrid is a bullfight on September 25, featuring cattle from Juan Luis Fraile, Fermin Bojorquez, Pallares, José Escolar, La Palmosilla and Sobral for Javier Castaño, Rubén Pinar and Gómez del Pilar.

Colmenar, San Sebastian de los Reyes, El Alamo…

Although Las Ventas is the epicenter of bullfighting in and around Madrid, dozens of celebrations are planned in many places before the start of autumn. Some fairs, such as those in Colmenar Viejo or San Sebastian de los Reyes, are very traditional, but this year figures such as Morante de la Puebla and Andrés Roca Rey have been announced in other cities such as El Alamo, Navalcarnero or San Martin de Valdeiglesias.

In Arganda del Rey on August 21, a bullfight between Zacarias Moreno and right-handers was announced. Manuel Diaz El Cordobes, Morante de la Puebla and Daniel Luque, and a week later Fernando Adrián, Adrián Salenk and Francisco de Manuel will pass in front of the cattle from Torrealta. In the same city south of CAM, a traditional bullfighting fair will be held from 3 to 13 September.

Colmenar Viejo and San Sebastian de los Reyes overlap their dates and give bulls between the last days of August and the first days of September. In Colmenar, one of the cradles of the brave bull, the festivities in honor of the Lady of Medicines begin on August 27 with a bullfight between Castillejo de Huebra and José Manuel Sánchez for Jorge Martinez, Alvaro Alarcón, Daniel Lozano.

A day later, the first bullfight with cattle is scheduled in Monte de la Ermita for Fernando Adrian, Angel Sanchez, Francis Manuel. On Monday, August 29, Morante de la Puebla, Alejandro Talavante and Daniel Luque will deal with the bull run by Zacarias Moreno. The fair final will be held by Diego Urdiales, José María Manzanares and Andrés Roca Rey on August 30 with bulls from Luis Algarra.

San Sebastian de los Reyes, in addition to several bullfighting festivities in the arena, will also drive bulls through the streets of the city during the week. The bullfight El Canoso with Victor Hernandez, Diego Garcia, Alvaro Alarcón on August 28 will open the cycle, which will be followed on September 1 by Luis Terrón’s bullfight for Ruy Fernandez, Sergio Galán and Andrés Romero.

On September 3, a three-man team consisting of David Fandil El Fandi, Paco Urenyi and Lopez Simon will fight the bulls for Hnos Garcia Jimenez, and the next day Julian Lopez El Juli, José Maria Manzanares and Roca Rey will do the same with cattle from Luis Algarra. On the same days as the fairs in Colmenar and San Sebastian de los Reyes start, a heifer fair is held in Collado Mediano with some of the most prominent representatives such as Leandro Gutiérrez, Marcos Linares, Jorge Martinez or Alvaro Bourdiel.

Roca Rey keeps on destroying

Navalcarnero, El Alamo and San Martin de Valdeiglesias have hired people to restart their fairs. In the first, on September 9th, they will have a bullfight for Victor Hernandez, Luis Pacero and Marcos Linares. The bullfight on the 10th will be attended by Cayetano, Hines Marin, Gonzalo Caballerowho returns to the ring, where he reappeared in 2021 after a terrible catch in Las Ventas, as swords before the conclusion of Espartaco and on Monday 12 Sanchez and Sanchez mixed bullfight for El Pilar with Diego Ventura, Morante de la Puebla and Isaac Fonseca.

El Alamo will host a bullfight from Alcurrusen and Couto Fornillos on 3 September for Pepe Moral, David Galván and Miguel de Pablo, and on 5 September there will be a bull run from Castillejo de Huebra for Morante de la Puebla, Curro Diaz. and Gomez del Pilar. In San Martin de Valdeiglesias on September 9 in El Vellosino there will be a bullfight for Paco Ureña. John Ortega and King Rock.

Bullfights will also take place in other cities of Madrid. On September 2, Aranjuez will host the Morin Fair with bulls from Yerbabuena for Curro Diaz, López Simon and Mario Sotos and Pozuelo de Alarcon three holidays from 8 to 10 September. The first will be a bullfight with picadors featuring Alvaro Bourdiel and Jorge Molina; the second bullfight with Miguel Moura and Juan Manuel Munera and will end with a bullfight with Fernando Robleño, Sergio Serrano and Alejandro Marcos.

However, this September there are two cities that traditionally hold bullfights, which will not take place this year. This applies to Alcala de Henares and Las Rosas.

Illescas, Guadalajara and Villaseca de la Sagra

Numerous bullfights are also held in the vicinity of the Community of Madrid. This is the case of three cities almost bordering CAM that are in Castile-La Mancha and have great bullfighting roots. The first of these is Illescas of Toledo, who will have cattle call between Ana Romero and Pallares for Christian Escribano, Gomez del Pilar and Alvaro Lorenzo.

In Guadalajara, in mid-September, a fair is held with the participation of the main figures of bullfighting. The 15th starts with a mixed bullfight Jandilla and Los Espartales for Diego Ventura, Morante de la Puebla and José Maria Manzanares; the next day, El Juli, Roca Rey and Thomas Rufo will face the bull driven by Montalvo; On the 17th, six bulls from Fuente Imbro are waiting for El Fandi, Daniel Luque and López Simon. The fair will be closed with a bullfight by Adolfo Martin for Sanchez Vara, Sergio Serrano and Roman.

A special case is the city of Toledo. Villaceca de la Sagra and his upskirt fairs. In September, it honors the potter of gold between the 4th and 11th of that month and will feature the main names of the lower echelon.


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