Empty Parc des Princes waiting for Real Madrid

WITHOVID-19 continues to affect the football world, and even Champions Leagueknockout rounds will be affected by the virus.

Still a month before Paris Saint-Germain take on Real Madrid. at the Parc des Princes in the round of 16, it is likely that measures similar to last year will be taken, since the stands in Paris are almost empty.

They will meet in France on February 15, and the game will take place while restrictions are in place in Paris. As the French government took action to reduce public gatherings at Christmas and New Year’s, sporting events have also been affected.

PSG, so they are preparing to receive no more than 5,000 fans, and this is at best for the club. However, there is still a month left before the game starts, and it is quite possible that improvements will be made to it.

Any game between Real Madrid and PSG tends to be filled with tension, although much of it comes from those present. This year, in front of empty or nearly empty stadiums, the atmosphere is likely to be far from what both clubs would like.

PSG won’t go to Qatar

Paris Saint Germain have canceled their usual January trip to Qatar, during which they usually play in Riyadh. Instead, they will stay in Paris.


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