Employee benefit packages: how to take full advantage of your job


TMy COVID-19 pandemic has led to The americans deciding to leave their jobs in record numbers this year, so in response, employers have tried to increase their packages of benefits to attract and retain talent.

The pandemic has shown that employees need to make the most of their capabilities. packages of benefitsas these benefits are often overlooked when you start a job.

“The more you understand your benefit plan, the more you can take advantage of every little thing that is available to you,” said Erin Lowry, author of the Broke Millennial book series.

She emphasizes that an employee needs to be proactive as you rarely hear about it from HR after you pass on your initial information such as 401K, paid vacation (PTO) policies, life insurance, and so on.

“It really makes it a burden for the employee to be proactive in contacting us and asking questions,” Lowry added.

Maximize your billable time

Many of us often feel guilty when it comes to taking time off, but you should try to take a vacation every day if possible.

“[It’s] It makes me very upset when people feel like their workplace is family, for example, “If I take paid leave, I’ll leave in trouble or my boss will get angry,” said Gaby Dunn. , author and host of podcasts.

“This is your paid vacation that you have earned. And maybe everyone loves each other, but you are definitely not family. “

It is estimated that Americans, on average, use only half of their paid work time, with about 23% spending all the time they are entitled to, and 9% not using it at all.

See every health professional your insurance allows

This may sound a little odd if you think you have no problem at the moment, but are going to check your health and wellbeing may pay off in the future.

“I would get a job and then immediately go to the dentist, immediately go to all the appointments,” Dunn said.

“Maybe you’re like, ‘Well, I’m okay.’ Does not matter. See a dermatologist. Let them check all your moles. “

Using HSA

Lowry convinces workers to use Health Savings Account (HSA) if they have access to one, as it saves money before tax on health care costs.

WITH Hsa, you decide how much money goes into it, and you decide how much health care costs it covers. Then, from year to year, unused money remains.

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