Emotional meeting of Alec Baldwin with the widower and son of the shot Galina Hutchins


TOLek Baldwin is going through an extremely difficult period, as is the family of the deceased filmmaker. Galina Hutchins… As everyone who participated in the tragic incident with the filming is trying to come to terms with what happened, the actor had an emotional encounter with both the widower and the son of women whom he accidentally killed.

As part of the filming ‘Rust’, a rifle problem resulted in the accidental death of a 42-year-old man who left Baldwin inconsolable for hours.

Baldwin is going to take a break from acting and cancel other projects to refocus attention after an unsuccessful incident, although he intended to meet with his family Hutchins face to face.

Baldwin On Saturday, she met her husband and their nine-year-old son at the Santa Fe hotel and even hugged them, according to The Daily Mail.

Vivid footage of Alec Baldwin after the accidental shooting and killing of Galina Hutchins

Details of the fatal accident are beginning to emerge. Baldwin reportedly practicing pulling a pistol pointed at the camera during filming rehearsal when he accidentally pulled the trigger and killed Hutchins shot in the chest.

Joel SouzaThe director was also injured in the incident, but was discharged from the hospital shortly afterwards with a stomach wound.

The witness testimony states that Baldwin He was handed a pistol and told that he was unloaded, shortly before he began training in front of the camera.

Galina Hutchins

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