Emmanuel Macron meets Vladimir Putin for ‘historic solution’ to crisis


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French President, Emmanuel Macronheld an extraordinary meeting with his Russian counterpart this Monday, Vladimir Putin, in Moscow.The goal is nothing more than trying Ease tensions around Ukrainebut the Kremlin has warned that its hopes of understanding are slim, if not zero, to some extent Their main requirement to avoid conflict has yet to be addressed.

“The situation is too complicated to expect significant progress at the meeting,” a Russian presidential spokesman said. Dmitry Peskovat his daily press conference.

In Paris, they are more optimistic, but they argue that, in addition to Macron’s goodwill, by expanding the EU, if Moscow is unwilling to listen or prevent it from sending more than 100,000 troops to the Ukrainian border in the first place, as per Putin’s plan.

In any case, the Elysees are very demanding.in an interview dailyMacron has said he will seek “at least signs of de-escalation” from his interlocutors and even the possibility of a “historical solution”.

The head of the Kremlin and the French president have had three phone conversations in the past two weeks, both on the situation around Ukraine and on the security assurances Russia has demanded from the United States and NATO, including NATO’s abandonment of its open-door policy.

“New Balance”

French leader proposes Maintaining a ‘new balance’ of peace and security On the continent, especially from Russia’s neighbors, Kremlin concerns about NATO expansion have also been addressed.

The United States and the Atlantic Alliance have categorically rejected Russian demands for security guarantees, including a legally binding commitment that Ukraine and any Another former Soviet republic will never be accepted by NATO.

Moscow has warned that it will take “political-military measures” if NATO’s concerns over its border practices are not taken into account, but so far it has not commented on rejecting its demands.

In addition to the core issues on the agenda, Putin and Macron will have the opportunity to discuss issues of bilateral relations, Peskov said.

The two leaders plan to hold a joint news conference at the end of the talks.


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