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French President Emmanuel Macron has said he wants to open up “a new page” In bilateral relations with Algeria, Thursday, August 25, was the first day of his visit to the country, with a shared memory of colonial history.

“We have a shared past that is complex, painful, and can sometimes prevent us from looking to the future”the estimated French head of state, called for “Very humble look at the face”. “The past, we didn’t choose it, we inherited it, it’s piece by piece, we have to look at it and recognize it, but we have a responsibility, it’s about building our future for ourselves and our young people”he added, in a statement issued alongside his opponent Abdelmajid Tebboune.

Emmanuel Macron announces the creation of a “A mixed commission of historians to open our archives and allow us to see the entire historical period that was decisive for us, from the beginning of colonization to the war of liberation”. must do “No taboos, longing for free historical works, full access to our archives”he pointed out.

a joint project“Startup Incubator” Mr Macron said there would also be “talent” Both countries are in the digital realm.He also offered to “Development Program [communs] Film Creation and Studio »also “train” in these occupations. “There is no future without a future story”he pointed out.

Tricky Visa Issues and the Ukraine War

On delicate issue of French visas to Algerians, French president reports joint work “Dealing with the Most Sensitive Security Issues”Emmanuel Macron has decided to halve their numbers in 2021 in the face of Algiers’ reluctance to readmitted unpopular nationals to France.but these discussions will not take place “Don’t stop us from deploying the mobility of choice for our artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, academics, scientists, associations, political leaders so that we can build more projects together”Mr Macron said.

Finally, he raised the Ukraine issue with Mr Tebboune and called on Algeria to refrain from condemning the Russian invasion and remain a close ally of Moscow. “Ending the war in Ukraine is a common cause”.

“This crisis, all the crises caused by this war started by Russia, whether it be a humanitarian crisis, a diplomatic crisis, a food crisis or an energy crisis, is wreaking havoc on the entire planet, especially the African continent, with the risk of shortages, I believe we It is also our responsibility to deal with them together.”he insisted.

“Bright Prospects”

Algerian President delighted in statement to media “Encouraging results” This allows “Tracking Promising Prospects”on the first day of Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Algeria.

Abdelmadjid Tebboune underlines Paris and Algiers resolve“Go straight” and D’“Intensifying efforts to strengthen relations between the two countries”. He mentioned the resumption of several intergovernmental committees, including the High-level Committee (CHN), the French-Algerian Joint Economic Commission, the Algerian-France Strategic Dialogue Committee and the “Strengthening high-level visits”. also planned“Strengthening all levels and trade cooperation”.

In addition, the meeting between the leaders of the two countries “It is an opportunity to discuss security and political situations of mutual concern at the regional and international levels”the Algerian president added. “We exchanged views, especially on the situation in Libya, Mali, the Sahel and Western Sahara, which requires joint efforts to consolidate stability in the region”Mr. Tebboune said.

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