Emma Garcia: Her ‘Carnival’ is taking shape and that’s what it’s known for


Summer is over and Mediaset has chosen to fill live a life. Last July 25th Emma Garcia I know fired An unforgettable five years – four for her – the magazine has become an audience favorite every weekend: “We closed a stage that had been going on for me for four years, a wonderful Stage. I took up the challenge with great enthusiasm and humility and a desire to learn,” he said as he bid farewell. But less than two months later, the Basque host has returned.

Emma Garcia/Telecinco

Telecinco hammers out details for big premiere reunionthe space that will be occupied by the gap left is summer And what a return to the small screen for Basque speakers would mean.it would be Saturday, October 1st at 4:00pm When I started shooting this project, there were so many hopes, from the first floor of the distribution group.

Telecinco has been promoting it with Emma García, claiming: “The weekend is a party, an unforgettable party” and it’s our moment, so we’re going to celebrate it,” said the bait reporter. To do this, he Surround yourself with some well-known faces on TV.

Martha Risco After leaving it was confirmed that she was registered as a reporter Anna Rosa Project After all her romance with Antonio David Flores was controversial: “Ana Rosa will always be in my heart. Thanks unicorn And excited to start this new adventure. I will go without fear and with many wishes,” he wrote on his social network.

Riesco won’t be the only face visible as it’s now confirmed Alexandra Rubio will also join reunion. Terelu Campos’ daughter returns to her career path with Emma García.It must be remembered that both occur at the same time live a life And influencers play a very important role, especially in topics related to Las Campos and related to her emotional state. Alejandra will have a full agenda over the weekend as she also attends about nightmare in heaven, as it progresses Utrera.

Alejandra Rubio in
Alejandra Rubio in “Viva la vida” / Telecinco

As for the new show itself, it is expected to have the same essence as its predecessor, a firm and unwavering commitment to the world of social chronicling.However, they propose from Mediaset “The power of journalism, social chronicle, entertainment and live performance will form the essence of this new format”. Together with Emma García, a large group of members will provide their information and reunion a reference space.Competitors you’ll find include films from La 1, Antena 3, and Cuatro, and [email protected] weekend (Saturday) and rock (Sunday) at La Sexta.


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