Emily Ratajkowski & Pete Davidson’s outfits reveal their current relationship status


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When it comes to first, second or even third dates, people tend to take the opportunity to put their best foot (and outfit) forward. Outfit choices are a big deal when making a first impression because they often act as a personality indicator. Clothing is also an easy way to tell how comfortable someone feels – if you show up to a first date in sweats, chances are you either feel really comfortable around the person or you will try to sabotage the date. Based on Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski’s style at the New York Knicks game this week, the potential couple is very comfortable with each other.

Emily Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson were spotted sitting courtside at the New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden on November 27. Although the duo has yet to officially confirm their relationship status, their sideline smiles throughout the match seemed to clearly indicate that they were on a date.

If you are now sitting by the yard, you can expect to be photographed. Very. For this reason, celebrities will show up to a game looking like they’re headed to a fashion show — Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski, on the other hand, both seemed to get the casual memo, wearing what many fans online are referring to as “gallery outfits “. By definition, a mall outfit is a casual, cute outfit you’d wear (you guessed it) to the mall. Maybe they just finished Black Friday shopping in Staten Island? The dress vibe is reminiscent of meeting your high school sweetheart at the food court — this one the duo just decided to take it to the basketball court instead.

STYLECASTER |  Pete Davidson Emily Ratajkowski Appearance

Courtesy of NY Knicks/MSG Sports.

Emily Ratajkowski’s basketball outfit included light wash skinny jeans tucked into knee high snake print boots which she wore with a cropped brown puffer jacket from The North Face. She wore a natural hair and makeup look and accessorized with a black Dior saddle bag. Ratajkowski’s outfit felt sporty but elevated – perfect for a basketball game.

Pete Davidson took casual to the next level and wore a full Sinclair fleece suit to the game. He accessorized his matching ensemble with a pair of oversized sunglasses and classic dad-style sneakers. Davidson is clearly on board with the inside-out sunglasses trend — he wore the look for his recent red carpet appearances and even on stage at the 2022 Emmy Awards.

STYLECASTER |  Pete Davidson Emily Ratajkowski Appearance

Courtesy of NY Knicks/MSG Sports.

It’s not the first time Pete Davidson has worn a full-coverage sweatsuit to hang out with Emily Ratajkowski. A few weeks ago, the potential couple was spotted together for the first time in Brooklyn, New York. Davidson wore gray sweatpants with a black puffer jacket — and so did Ratajkowski. Photos taken by Daily Mail show the couple in matching outfits for what is rumored to be one of the couple’s first dates.

Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski are both recently single. Pete Davidson split from Kim Kardashian after a nine-month relationship and Emily Ratajkowski filed for divorce from Sebastian Bear-McClard following cheating allegations. While neither Davidson nor Ratajkowski have confirmed or denied any relationship rumors, they seem to be keeping it fun and casual based on their outings and outfit choices.

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