Emilio de Justo returns to the ring in Almería with Roca Rey after record recovery


The 2022 season was supposed to be a consolidation Emil Just (Torrejoncillo, Cáceres, 1983) among the main figures of the bullfight and the commemoration of his fifteen years of alternative, but everything was interrupted in the first bull of his solo bullfight in Las Ventas on Palm Sunday. Entry to kill the bull Romanfrom Pallares, and after a big task, he tumbled violently and, in the fall, broke two cervical vertebrae.

Emilio de Justo las Ventas.jpeg
He suffered a strong somersault in Las Ventas.

De Justo bordered on tragedy that day in early April in Madrid, with many ruling out the right-hander from Extremadura for the remainder of the 2022 season. However, a record-breaking recovery that saw him spend several months in a corset put the bullfighter at the gate. return in style.

The date is set for next Sunday, August 21 at Fair of the Virgin of the Sea of ​​Almeria and it will be a celebration hand in hand with the main figure of the time, the Peruvian bullfighter Andrés Roca Rey, and with the bulls from Nunez del Cuvillo.

At the moment, De Justo has only six commitments before the end of the European season. It is not advertised in Bilbao, which is starts his Big Week these days, nor at the major September fairs such as Palencia, Guadalajara, Colmenar Viejo, Valladolid, Salamanca, Murcia or Albacete. Neither in San Miguel Fair in Sevillewith the closure of the cartels a few months ago, and could delay his return to sales for the 2023 season and will not return to the arena of Calle Alcala for the next autumn fair, which is about to become official.

The posters for October’s two main fairs, Zaragoza and Jaén, are still unknown, so it’s possible that De Justo will add more festive events to those already announced. In the meantime, a day after his appearance, on Monday, August 22, he will walk around Cuenca with Moorish from La Puebla and Pablo Aguado and before the bulls of Rehuelga. Already in September, on the 4th, he will fight the bulls from Juan Pedro Domeca along with Morante and the bullfighter revelation from San Isidro, Angel Tellez.

On September 10 it is announced in the French city of Dax with bulls from Domingo Hernandez and together with Julián López El Juli and Thomas Rufus. September will end in the Navarrese municipality of Corella and before the livestock of Francisco Galace in a cartel with Morante and the Mexican Joselito Adame. The last one announced so far this season will take place on 2 October in Übeda, Jaén. At this celebration, he again shares the poster with Morante and Roca Rey, as well as with cattle from Nunez del Cuvillo.

It was at the ranch in Cadiz that Emilio de Justo went through the last stage of his recovery. The extremadura bullfighter even wore a light to fight the bull and He recorded a video that he shared on his social networks. to the beat Sentence discarded.


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