Elvis Presley’s Daughter Lisa Marie Debunks Infamous Myth Surrounding Her Famous Father’s Favorite Sandwich


Many rumors followed Elvis Presley throughout his life and continue today, 45 years after his death. One that has forever trailed the king of rock and roll surrounded his favorite sandwich of his, a peanut butter and banana creation that was fried in butter. His only daughter, Lisa Marie, debunked an infamous myth surrounding this treat that has become synonymous with the entertainer. You won’t believe her de ella big reveal de ella.

Elvis Presley and Lisa Marie Presley | Archive Photos/Frank Trapper/Getty Images

Elvis Presley enjoyed the infamous treat while on the road

In a 1996 BBC Four documentary, Presley’s longtime Graceland cook Mary Jenkins demonstrated how she cooked the king of rock and roll’s favorite treat. She revealed that Presley asked Jenkins to replicate a sandwich he had on the road one morning for breakfast.


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