Elon Musk reveals how Twitter censored Joe Biden and his son scandal


Elon Musk fulfilled the promise made after purchase Twitter to reveal how the social network censored information about how then-US presidential candidate Joe Biden had mediated in the shady deals that his son Hunter Biden was doing in Ukraine. Yesterday morning a Twitter thread from the journalist mat taibi revealed how the social network censored information.

And it was Elon Musk who promoted said alleged leak of internal proceedings from the previous Twitter administration that would show they deliberately broke company rules regarding the controversy sparked in 2020 over Hunter Biden’s personal records. , the son of US President Joe Biden. Some revelations published by the New York Post who claimed, based on emails extracted from a computer that belonged or belonged to Hunter Biden, that when his father was vice president, in April 2015, Joe Biden himself had met through his son with a Ukrainian gas company.

New York Post front page with information on Hunter Biden emails

In fact, in the home stretch of the election that year, Twitter temporarily blocked due to New York Post to prevent newspaper information from appearing on Hunter Biden’s laptop. All this, less than a month before the elections.

The deliberations aired this Saturday whose leak is ultimately attributed to Elon Musk were published by the journalist mat taibi. “Thread: THE TWITTER ARCHIVES!” Taibbi wrote on his Twitter account, unwinding all the revelations below.

—Matt Taibbi (@mtaibbi) December 2, 2022

Hunter Biden, whose erratic lifestyle has been denounced for months by supporters of former President Donald Trump, remains is the subject of a criminal investigation by the Department of Justice who focused on his tax affairs and economic operations abroad, especially in Ukraine.

Elon Musk, who retweeted Taibbi’s thread with additional comments throughout last night, he then argued that such a leak would be necessary “to restore people’s trust” in the organization. “What Really Happened With Twitter Deleting The Hunter Biden Story Will Be Posted On Twitter At 5 PM ET!

As the news portal recalls Policywhen he Publish refused to delete a tweet about the story, Twitter suspended the outlet’s account for more than two weeks, before lifting the suspension on October 30, 2020. The head of TwitterJack Dorsey later indicated that he regretted the platform’s decision to censor the story.

The thread posted by Taibbi on Twitter reveals internal and external conversationseven with the Democrat MP Ro Khanna on the decision of Twitter to restrict access to the Post article. Khanna seemed to question the reasoning of Twitter to block the story and the congressman, one of Silcon Valley’s top representatives on Capitol Hill, defended his comments in the leak to NBC News.

“Our democracy can only thrive if we are open to a marketplace of ideas and if we engage with people we disagree with,” he said.


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