Elon Musk refuses to buy Twitter?


Elon Musk threaten cancel twitter purchase due to the large number of fake accounts or “bots” that exist in it.

Tesla’s CEO has indicated that unless the company guarantees that only 5% accounts fakeit will not buy a social network.

Twitter announced that he has specific number of “bots” Accounts.

However, Musk there have been reports that they are far in excess of the figure, reaching almost 20 per cent.

Musk spent a lot of time with Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal topic discussion.

Does Elon Musk know what he’s talking about?

In several tweets, he explained all of his company’s efforts to combat bot saying, “20% fake/spam accountswhich is four times more than Twitter claims it could be a lot more,” Musk said.

“My proposal is based on Securities and Exchange Commission on Twitter the documents are reliable,” he shared on the social network.

According to the billionaire Twitter won’t show reliable data and appears to be hiding information from the public.

Twitter CEO publicly refused to provide evidence of less than 5%. este transaction cannot be continued until it works,” he added.

Elon Musk will seek a lower rate

Musk suggested $44 billion buy this social network.

However, it now appears that the price may change due to Musk’s concerns about bots.

At a conference in Miami, Musk said he would strive to achieve more viable agreement.

The billionaire will offer Lower price, as the number of bots exceeded what the network reported.

Musk has already suggested the high initial cost of acquiring Twitter. If his fears are correct, the billionaire will have to do a better job of “cleansing” the network.

No, that would be generate higher losses.


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