Elon Musk met with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro to discuss plans for the Amazon rainforest.


Elon Musk visited Brazil to meet President Jair Bolsonaro.

Both figures wanted to discuss connectivity and several projects in mind what could happen in Amazon rainforest.

The mask has arrived State of Sao Pauloand Minister of Communications Fabio Faria arranged a meeting at a luxury resort.

Faria looking for partnership with Muskrichest man in the world, improve Internet connectivity in rural schools and medical facilities with technology developed by SpaceX and Starlink.

Plans were also discussed tropical forest conservation.

“Very happy to be in Brazilian to launch Starlink to 19,000 unconnected rural schools and Amazon environmental monitoring,” Musk tweeted Friday morning.

Jair Bolsonaro wants to save the Amazon rainforest?

The National Space Agency, federal police and environmental authority Ibama are monitoring illegal activity happening in Amazon rainforest.

HoweverJair Bolsonaro started an uprising deforestation in the Brazilian part of the Amazon.

According to official data from thnational space agencyunder Bolsonaro, deforestation reached his the highest annual rate over a decade.

When he was one of the candidates, Bolsonaro’s campaign used hateful rhetoric aimed at people living in the forest.

He also supported the deforestation program.

Even when the statistics don’t lie Bolsonaro said the Amazon region is “really important” to Brazil.

“We are counting on Elon Musk thus Amazon known to everyone in Brazil and around the world to show the abundance of this region, how we preserve it, and the harm that those who spread lies about this region do to us,” he said.

“Freedom is the cement of the future,” Bolsonaro said, calling the billionaire a “legend of freedom.”

The President of Brazil and the billionaire appeared in live conference stand together on stage in the presence of a group of students.

“Much can be done to improve the quality of life through technology.” musk told crowd.


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