Elon Musk backs Republican bill against Disney’s Mickey Mouse exclusivity.

B.millionaire and richest man in the world Elon Musk has been outspoken on Twitter about Disney’s copyright laws and how they absurdly protect the expansion of Mickey Mouse ownership.

Mickey Mouse Copyright Laws

Tesla’s CEO used his newly acquired Twitter platform to claim that “current copyright law as a whole absurdly goes way beyond protecting the original creator.”

In doing so, he currently supports a law by US Senator Josh Hawley that imposes a restriction on the company’s protection regarding the use of the Mickey Mouse mascot.

DMCA is a “plague on humanity”

While there is no clear answer as to why he supports the Republican senator, he has also stated that the Digital Millennium Copyright Act is “a plague on mankind.”

In 1998, the DMCA was passed into law, and it offers creators of original content on the Internet some protection against its distribution on the Internet without the permission of the owners of the rights to said production.

So far so good…but

Some say it hinders the free flow of information on the Internet, allowing intellectual property owners to be able to order the removal of content even if there is no copyright infringement.

Steamboat Willie

The Republican senator’s counterproposal is to pass the Copyright Clause Restoration Act because it can be retroactively activated to Disney’s original copyright on the first introduction of the mascot almost a hundred years ago, in 1928, to the Steamboat Willie animation, which was the first defense for 56 years and has been updated ever since.


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